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Insert a (partial) GP5 in a finished synced EOF project


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After having

- synced a project in EOF (with a lot of anchors and different BPM inbetween)

- added silence and an offset to 0 (additional beat)


I sometimes would like to

- import a complete alternate GP5 for comparison

- import a part of a GP5 consisting of some corrected/alternate bars (i.e. Solo)

in an unused track.


Tabs are imported in EOF at the 1st beat, with the BPM of these starting positions. 

Am I missing something in EOF, (or has this been answered before ?)

but it doesn't seem possible

to import a Gp5 in EOF at the closest/next beat of the current position (green vertical line)

and respect the BPM of these positions.


Solutions :


1. In EOF "Beat - Push Offset up" to remove the starting empty pause beat.

    Import the GP5 

    Then "Beat - Push offset back/to zero" to restore the starting pause beat.

    (only possible if the GP5 starts at the first bar/beat, not possible to insert a GP5 anywhere)


2. Adding empty bars and pauses in GP5 (the imported part gets imported at the right beat)

    a single bar (in case of importing a GP5 starting at the first beat, which will be 2nd beat in EOF)

    19 bars (in case of importing a partial GP5 starting at the 20th beat in EOF) 


3. Starting a 2nd instance of EOF

    Import the alternate/partial GP5

    Copy notes and paste them at the current position (green line) in the 1st instance of EOF

    Locate the 1st Tech Notes in the 2nd instance of EOF, move the green line to the right position in the 1st instance of EOF 

    copy and paste Tech Notes.


Or is their a more immediate way ?



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I usually go with something like option 2 (usually by cloning the track so I don't have to replicate time signatures if they're weird or shift a lot, and then cleaning out measures that I don't want, or something similar) for relatively simple arrangements.


For more complex arrangements (you know those GP files where the author has split the guitars out into a million tracks? Yeah, those. I'd rather your GP actually be usable even if it makes it sound slightly different than the recording) I'll usually arrange a full "Lead Guitar" (and also rhythm if necessary) track in GP so that it's exactly how I want it for Rocksmith, and then import that. I generally find it a bit easier setting things up and doing the "non-polishing edits" in GP than in EoF.


But I'd love to hear if anyone has any better ideas, too.

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GP import isn't intended to change the beat timings because in almost all cases the GP files are just not accurate enough (the exception here of course is Go PlayAlong files which have been manually synced to a recording). If you want though, you can have Guitar Pro export the GP file to MIDI, import the MIDI in EOF (this will just import tempo and time signature changes), and then import the GP file for the tablature.


The tablature is imported verbatim as much as is reasonably possible, with measure #1 in the GP file mapping to measure #1 in EOF. Getting it to import starting from the beat nearest the seek position would be somewhat complicated to program, so my suggestion would generally be #3 from your proposed solutions.


#2 could be tricky because GP import will always replace either the entire active track or at least the active track difficulty, meaning it can't be directly used to replace only part of the authored track difficulty.

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Thanks for your confirmation, raynebc,

Yes, a GP file is not reliable enough to change sync in EOF,

Even with midi import, a GP wave export may not be synced in EOF, when the GP has tempo de-/acceleration (which is rare)


The 3rd solution is a bit awkward, but working well, I just had to write it down to remember it next time. ;)

It can also be used to copy a set of notes from one position to another with differently synced beats,

with the notes "landing" on these beats.

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I'd try to go for your option 2, editing the GP file with extra/less bars to accommodate a clean import (i.e. notes going where you want them), and failing that for any reason (maybe it's too much work or even impossible to get the GP file to fit) I'd go with option 3.


There are refinements that you can make to option 3 too, for example


- you say "at the green line".  I'd be making sure that the green line is on a beat (use PageUp/PageDown) so that the notes paste correctly over your beat map.  Even if the notes are copied from a straight 120bpm secondary EoF instance, they will paste correctly over your pre made beat map if you begin on a beat


- remember that if you want to paste something that does not begin on a beat (maybe the solo starts halfway through a beat, or slightly before the main beat) then you can use temporary "dummy notes".  Create a new notes on the beat in the secondary instance of EoF just before the notes that you want to copy, then copy and paste including the dummy notes so that everything remains exactly on beat.  Then just erase the surplus dummy notes.  This is especially helpful with tech notes, which are far more likely to be off the main beat markers


- remember to re-snap after copy/pastes





Remember too, you can always just copy the "solo" bars out of the 2nd GP file and paste them into the first GP file if you have both GP files open on desktop.  I've done this a few times too.  Sometimes it works and sometimes you can get errors, depending on how similar the GP files are.

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thanks @PC Plum for your advice,

the green line should always be placed on a beat ( I forgot this obvious detail)

the dummy notes, I like it (also to define FHP), I always ghost them so no need to erase, less risk of forgetting to erase one.

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