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Down Bend?

Rocksmith Guy

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Thank you, i better leave it as a up bend but does not sound right but i guess i have to.


You can use the prebend technique or slides technique for do a dive. In some songs rocksmith uses both techniques to simulate a tremolo dip/return.

Examples: Tremolo dip/return 2 half-notes on 7th fret 2nd string.

  • Bend: Prebend for 2 halfs-notes same string at 5th fret with prebend, then release and then bend again, like raynebc said.
  • Slide: Use a 7th fret note with slide to 5th fret and then return to 7th fret all linked, all of this in the duration of the dive/return.

Maybe this help you.


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To be honest, doing nothing is also a viable option (and that's what the notetracker at UBISF are doing)...


A wrong information can do more damage in the learning process than no information at all.


And also keep in mind that everythings that you write might be read by someone that doesn't know the song or doesn't have a whammy bar to recreate the effect/know that it's here in the first place.


I think the slide is not the worst option you can use as it will still indicate the correct fret to start with but leaving a blank space is the best option imo.

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