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  1. Also the song i'm thinking of doing has a custom out there but the chart was not very good.
  2. Thank you, also another question. Can i use any version of WWrise?
  3. I did work on a custom of Roar but i'm lost with it with all the difficultly levels i did. Anyway is there anyway i can use DDC and then import it into EOF and edit it and add more levels?
  4. Hi, i was wondering if i should try make customs? I want to but it seems too hard for me. I want to try make charts that are real and not just got from a tab and rushed. And try listen to the song and do it right, but i'm not sure if i should also take the time to make it like real dlc.
  5. Indeed I think there is more guitar notes, but still not wroth charting.
  6. Not sure but i think there is like 1 guitar chord or note at the end of drones, but that would be boring :D
  7. thats what our goals are ! :) Sweet, also something to bring it closer to real dlc. I believe on a very early level they don't chart the notes as palm mutes.
  8. So with DD, will it be like real dlc as i suck at guitar :D
  9. Thank you, i better leave it as a up bend but does not sound right but i guess i have to.
  10. I'm trying to add a high note but it turns to a X and i believe that is a mute so does anyone know how to fix this?
  11. Hi, i was wondering how i do a down bend?
  12. Hi, just letting you's know that i'm working on Roar by Katy Perry. I think the first release will be lead guitar and i will add more later. Also i'm not sure if i will still be doing the real dlc project but i will try to chart the lower difficulty's myself But anyway back to the song, i have got half of the song done but i had to listen to the song as there is no good guitar tabs.
  13. Hi, When looking in the files I find that there is pitched vocals on Rocksmith 2012 dlc and in the main game. Was there any plans for singing in the game?
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