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  1. I was uploading CDLC from dropbox to mega, but my cable died, so I cant make new versions

    1. Sirandok


      I will upload now the old versions to mega until new notice

  2. Reuploading CDLC from dropbox to mega, upgrading them!

  3. Working on Fixing songs!

  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mbezltz3irn3lkc/Captura.PNG?dl=0 I got this error adding and editing vocals on the template, for all the song that I try to make. What's the problem? Another question: Why is not posible to put spanish characters like á or ñ in vocals? In other versions before works fine. Examples in Maná songs.
  5. 3 Songs Christmas Pack Already submitted. Have Fun!

  6. Try my new custom: Gary Hoey - Frosty The Snowman Merry Christmas!!
  7. New 2 song for Christmas 2016! Have Fun! (Fixing all the song for 100% BUG)

  8. Work in customs suspended until I have free time! Working lightly on updating customs to remastered version.

  9. Next package Progress = 26 of 30 Songs. 26 submitted. Richard Marx "Right Here Waiting" already submitted!

  10. Next package Progress = 25 of 30 Songs. 25 submitted. Dion "The Wanderer" and George Michael "Faith" already submitted!

  11. I dont give any information about WIP these months because I'm in holidays. For this reason I can do any custom in this time. The next 4 customs will be ready on march when I come back to home. Was difficult search for someone that upload playthough videos of the customs that I upload, so he starts with 3 videos. With the 3 of them he gets bad response, insulting personal messages in the personal youtube account, dislikes and other problems. So for this reason he dont want make more playthough videos, and with this I stiil like before him. With this response I doubt I will upload new playthough videos. See ya!
  12. "Kiss Me" by SIxpense None the Richer erased of the list. becuase is a ODLC now.
  13. Añadidos Caifanes/jJaguares, Tori Kelly y Demi Lovato a la lista de canciones para hacer. Como ya sabran yo no hago canciones indiviaduales, yo hago packs de canciones. Asi posiblemente pueden estar las canciones en un compilado o muchas canciones del mismo artista al igual que los DLC oficiales de rocksmith :) No se cuanto demore, ya que estudio y trabajo. PD: Miicaajb23 puedes escribirme en español, soy chileno jaja, asi que si queires una cancion en especifico vere q tan efectivamente puedo sacarla o crear la tablatura. Lo mismo va para ti MAGGERS ;)
  14. Next package Progress = 23 of 30 Songs. 23 submitted. Again by Lenny Kravitz already submitted.

  15. Next package Progress = 22 of 30 Songs. 22 submitted. Have fun with Rock & Roll!!

  16. Next package Progress = 22 of 30 Songs. 20 submitted. Final tests before submit the 2 songs!!

  17. Next package Progress = 21 of 25 Songs. 20 submitted. Updating links!!

  18. Next package Progress = 20 of 25 Songs. 20 submitted. 4 New Songs already submitted! Have Fun!

  19. no, i take them but always that I want to do the song someone submitted them xD So i give priority to others haha But one of your request is in one the next pack of 4 songs ;) PS: Kansas - Dust in the Wind is now a ODLC so I removed it for the list.
  20. The songs I made for package are surprise like ubisoft, but I have a huge WIP list on a excel file. PS: Maybe this weekend I will have the last song for the next 4 song part of the actual package. Gretings!
  21. The 3 songs added to WIP List. Removed "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas because is a ODLC now. See ya!
  22. Next package Progress = 19 of 25 Songs. 16 submitted. Only one more song to submit a 4 song pack!

  23. I listen a lot of music of all genres. If I like the song I will do it.
  24. Yes I take request when I like the song or the song is very good for guitar or bass. But for time reasons I delay a good time to do the songs.
  25. You can use the prebend technique or slides technique for do a dive. In some songs rocksmith uses both techniques to simulate a tremolo dip/return. Examples: Tremolo dip/return 2 half-notes on 7th fret 2nd string. Bend: Prebend for 2 halfs-notes same string at 5th fret with prebend, then release and then bend again, like raynebc said.Slide: Use a 7th fret note with slide to 5th fret and then return to 7th fret all linked, all of this in the duration of the dive/return.Maybe this help you. Greetings
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