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Getting this error ...

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Getting this error when adding Part Real_Guitar_RS2 in Toolkit.  All other arrangements for the song are working fine.  Using EoF r1432 and latest Toolkit.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.




EoF song folder download


Part Real_Guitar_RS2.xml only


Thanks, guys!

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I had this exact thing happen a few days ago. Did EoF give you an error saying something like "failed to export to RS2?"

If so, EoF will seek to the time stamp of the culprit when it gives this error. Hopefully shedding further light on the cause.

@@raynebc just released a new version (1434) that fixed my bug. Might be worth trying that first.

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It's an EOF bug regarding downward slides. EOF is supposed to determine how many frets the slide "moves" by comparing the lowest used fret in the note/chord with the end of slide position. It was instead looking at the lowest used string's fret value.


So basically EOF was looking at the 16-18 double stop that unpitched slides to fret 1 and it figured that the chord slides down 17 frets (18 - 1 = 17), but applying this difference to the fret 16 note in that double stop caused the fret value to go to -1 (which is written as 255 when the number is interpreted as a non-negative number).


I've fixed this madness so that it works the way I intended: End of slide positions refer to where the finger holding the note's lowest fret ends up.

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