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B Tuning a440



Hello !


First sorry for my bad english, so I cant search all threats  for help cause I don´t understand


I would like to play a song frome ffdp




But the game needs to tune the bass on a440  


And my game does show up +999  when I hit the string on the bass


I cant tune the first string to the b  


What can I to to play the song?



Thanks for help

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I could be wrong, but I think alternate tunings that low generally require different strings.  Normal strings that you would use for E Standard just aren't going to have enough tension if you loosen them down to B.  

I only play bass (not sure if guitar strings normally have a wider range for playable tunings), but the one time I ran into a song with I think drop C tuning, it was a nightmare to get the game to recognize the string as in tune at all.  And then it was so loose I couldn't realistically play on it anyway.

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Well, the B-tuning was badly made in the toolkit, it should not be 440hz but 220hz

(to fool RS into accepting B-tuning, tuning in the cdlc must be made an octave higher, (that's why you get 999) then divide the frequency), 

you should report the error on the charters page. Try one of my 2 FFDP customs, B-tuning is working correctly. 

By the way, if you have a 5 string bass, no need for special string or retune,

because the lower string is standard B-tuned.

Though it may be a bit confusing playing all E-standard bass starting on the 2nd string.

But I got used to :)

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@@Darkphonix - If you know how to operate the Rocksmith toolkit, you can use it to fix the low bass tuning problem (in the Packer/Unpacker tab). As the link supplied by @@Jorzef says, Rocksmith is set up for whatever reason not to detect notes below the low C, so when it sees the B it only reads the harmonic (an octave higher). The workaround that's usually used is instead of telling Rocksmith that we're tuned to A440 with each string set to 5 semitones below standard, we tell it that we're using A220 with each string set to 7 semitones above standard, so when we play that same C it thinks it's an octave higher and so actually registers it.


And as @@Bentron said, you'll need appropriate gauge strings to tune that low and still have the string at a playable tension. Probably would be hard to play with anything lighter than a .120 gauge string.

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