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How to set up the Test Forum?


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I think the best way to approach group internal testing is to have topics for each individual charter, so that he/she can maintain the OP with his information on what he/she wants to be tested and what to focus on when testing. Members of the group can then post in the specific topic and give feedback on the currently tested customs. That seems to be the easiest and most manageable way to approach this but I'm open to discussion. Let me know what you think.

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Makes Perfect Sense to me, and for the record I am thrilled about Collaborative work. :)

I've been trying since the SA days to get collaboration to work but it's really difficult to do, at least on a regular basis. I helped out a few charters with bass tabs here and there but I never really worked with someone else side by side on a custom. I sometimes wish I could just make transcriptions and someone would take care of the rest but I am never quite satisfied with the end result if I don't do it myself. :(

The trick is to find someone who knows how you want it to be done and how it should look in RS and to set up the project in a way that you can use your collaborators project files without any issues, especially if you divide the work into equal parts: one doing the guitar, one doing the bass, for example. Being able to just stick it together without any errors is more difficult than one might think.


I still hope that we can get it to work somehow, even if it's just at a very basic level. The best thing is to just get it started. We'll figure out the rest through experience. :D

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I think that setup sounds pretty reasonable to me. It should make it pretty easy for the readers to figure out exactly what still needs testing, and for the charters to filter through the testers' comments to find the stuff relevant to them (as opposed to one big thread, or subgenre threads, or things like that).

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