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  1. Well The Works begun!!! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPVfjtUUf4lb-7a72DZpyW2TLPJLJGeH2
  2. @@avdocatwork Yea Terry that was a work out for certain!!!! Amazed by all the people that don't appreciate what a great Bassist Geezer truly was... @Rodman Welcome to the CRC!! And Congrats!! Jerry
  3. Here you go Terry! Great Chart, sound was good and loud as you will see
  4. Hey Terry, I will try and play these this morning ! Nothing like a little Geezer to get your Juices flowing. Jerry
  5. I spoke to Steve last night, he is managing ok, just very lacking in extra time and energy for musical or admin pursuits (downed links). I am sure we all can send him our positive energy here and best wishes for nailing what ails him. Terry, please allow me access to his cdlc, I will play and record a few for him in the hope it cheers him up a bit.. Thanks , Jerry mazzmahem@gmail.com jerrybuote@gmail.com
  6. Ok so although the log was calling this folder 'C:\Users\Jerry\Documents\CFSM\Tagger\templates\motive_ws_\Rhythm Bonus.png', the actual location was the Steam Common Apps\RS2014 folder, looks like there was a documents folder in there that was old and dated. after deleting that and all other CFSM folders I was able to re-install. Thanks! JB
  7. Hi Terry, Sure you can use the vids ! Have a blast !! Jerry
  8. Terry , tone was great, probably one of the most mundane songs to play on a bass.. but thats a lot of these guys lol https://youtu.be/iidVK34gilA
  9. Hi Guys, I get this error regardless of which version I am trying to install [2017/12/20 11:11:05]: RocksmithToolkitLib Version:[2017/12/20 11:11:22]: Rocksmith Installation Directory: D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Rocksmith2014[2017/12/20 11:11:22]: <WARNING> 'D3DX9_42.dll' file validation is disabled ...[2017/12/20 11:11:22]: Exception(UnauthorizedAccessException): Access to the path 'C:\Users\Jerry\Documents\CFSM\Tagger\templates\motive_ws_\Rhythm Bonus.png' is denied.
  10. Hey Terry, Merry Christmas man!! I will call you soon , buried in work, but here :)
  11. Hey Bud that is fantastic news on the new gig!! So happy for you all! Hope it turns into something amazing for you!!!! And loving the Beatles and of course Suzie Q is one of my favorites!!! Keep well and enjoy the rest of the summer mano!! Jerry
  12. @manchot66 @avdocatwork Thanks Guys!! I am often blown away when you comment on my playing. Playing these songs using RS is probably the only hope I have of practicing, my eyesight is shit and using a Tab player like GP, or Go play along , its just to small on the screens for me to see. I had a very humbling experience recently, my video play through on YouTube have hit the 30,000 mark, something I would never have expected and just really blows me away. Yesterday I liked a post on Aaron Emerson's Facebook page, Keith Emerson's son. He then sent me an invite to like his page. I know that may sound rather Fanboyish but I was pretty blown away... Also people are starting to send me BandHub invites to play bass on their projects. As well as a few Local friends with bands around here have started poking around to see if I'm interested in sitting in with them on a few jams. That last part is so hard for me, for a few reasons, 1, I travel too damn much to be a really solid resource for a working band... 2, I do Playthroughs, this may shock you but a great many of those 189 or so videos I have are 1 or 2 play then record... So I would need to be able to set aside blocks or serious time to memorize them , perfect that then go practice live with the guys, and well you see where all that goes... But none the less it does make me feel rather funny and happy that my shitty efforts make others interested in these amazing songs. Keep the faith brothers and sisters and keep charting those amazing classic tracks so I can keep having a warm heart!!! Looking forward to all that is to come!! Jerry
  13. Well, I did it again, added another Bass to the collection and this one was not only an incredible steal it is AMAZING... Anyway here is my first recording on it , Blue Oyster Cult's Godzilla on my ESP - LTD - AX-104 https://youtu.be/eAMhjzRuAc4
  14. I don't know whats wrong with me, I have a mad case of the GAS... Just got these two things ... http://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/ESP/AX104-Electric-Bass-Guitar.gc http://www.guitarcenter.com/Harbinger/L502-5-Channel-Mixer-with-XLR-Mic-Preamp-1401720417359.gc
  15. @ I agree, but all in all I am happy with the new platform, the Non-Stop play changes are really nice, as for the tone work, well, I guess you all know how I feel about that hehe. Bass always gets the shaft , Keep those amazing songs coming kid, and don't let the hacks and freeloaders bust your stones about anything you do. Your work is fantastic. And keeps me smiling on a regular basis. JB ps: got a chuckle from your Spector reference, and I agree, world class schmuck...
  16. @@Aludog Lets say I will be forever grateful for your contributions to my Yes/Squire library and, they won't be going anywhere anytime soon :)
  17. Everyone doing Ok??? Too quiet around here! Looks like RS finally added Prog, the Yes DLC charting is ok but the tones on the bass suck :( Seems the went with super distortion to try and mimic the Ricky sound, poor choice... Hope you are all well... JB
  18. Hey Terry, Yea I am loosing my marbles... Sorry to hear this man, but sounds like you have your head tuned up properly about it all. Take a breather, enjoy your break, enjoy your family! Been on that road a few times myself only loyalty companies have is to their profits. Best Jerry
  19. I hear ya man, and I can say this is most certainly not in my head lol. Caught myself staring at my fret hand thinking WTH ?? Songs I normally hit high 90's getting 70 percent accuracy on.. That led me to looking at what was happening more closely,. I like your solution to the practice angle. I do believe this thing was made to Chord on :) so that will help with hand strain on some of those awkward ones down the road, but yea its like playing a Bass that wants to be a 6 Lol...
  20. Yes it is quite interesting. Something I discovered yesterday about the Hof was that the pick up configurations and the short scale cause a few challenges to a plucker. First challenge I have is my stubby fat fingers, they just fit better in a standard scale fret board and bridge/pickup area, so I need to work on that. And that my brain is telling my fingers to move to a fret that's supposed to be there but is now one fret or a half fret up or down. Frustrating, but I know with some time playing it that will naturally get better. I notice this same issue , to a lesser degree, when jumping from the Jazz neck on my PJ, to the Full sized Jumbo fret-board of the Pbass. About the Pickup placement, notice in the photo where he is picking from, right up over the Neck pickup, and that is pretty significant, as the bridge pickup seems to have the strings almost right on-top of it and they are looser than I am used too, this bass plays more like a six string from a string tension perspective, so when I naturally want to pluck from that bridge location I found i was smashing the sting down onto the pickup and causing it to mute out. most noticeable on the D & G strings, but still there on the A. So yea, I am finding I will need to probably practice playing this Bass differently than I play the other 2, and more than likely need to play it with a Pick, which makes me very sad... But we will See... Still love it and hope to have years of fun with it. Jerry
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