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Community Answers

  1. Happy Birthday jbroch!

  2. Well The Works begun!!! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPVfjtUUf4lb-7a72DZpyW2TLPJLJGeH2
  3. @@avdocatwork Yea Terry that was a work out for certain!!!! Amazed by all the people that don't appreciate what a great Bassist Geezer truly was... @Rodman Welcome to the CRC!! And Congrats!! Jerry
  4. Here you go Terry! Great Chart, sound was good and loud as you will see
  5. Hey Terry, I will try and play these this morning ! Nothing like a little Geezer to get your Juices flowing. Jerry
  6. I spoke to Steve last night, he is managing ok, just very lacking in extra time and energy for musical or admin pursuits (downed links). I am sure we all can send him our positive energy here and best wishes for nailing what ails him. Terry, please allow me access to his cdlc, I will play and record a few for him in the hope it cheers him up a bit.. Thanks , Jerry mazzmahem@gmail.com jerrybuote@gmail.com
  7. Ok so although the log was calling this folder 'C:\Users\Jerry\Documents\CFSM\Tagger\templates\motive_ws_\Rhythm Bonus.png', the actual location was the Steam Common Apps\RS2014 folder, looks like there was a documents folder in there that was old and dated. after deleting that and all other CFSM folders I was able to re-install. Thanks! JB
  8. Hi Terry, Sure you can use the vids ! Have a blast !! Jerry
  9. Terry , tone was great, probably one of the most mundane songs to play on a bass.. but thats a lot of these guys lol https://youtu.be/iidVK34gilA
  10. Hi Guys, I get this error regardless of which version I am trying to install [2017/12/20 11:11:05]: RocksmithToolkitLib Version:[2017/12/20 11:11:22]: Rocksmith Installation Directory: D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Rocksmith2014[2017/12/20 11:11:22]: <WARNING> 'D3DX9_42.dll' file validation is disabled ...[2017/12/20 11:11:22]: Exception(UnauthorizedAccessException): Access to the path 'C:\Users\Jerry\Documents\CFSM\Tagger\templates\motive_ws_\Rhythm Bonus.png' is denied.
  11. Hey Terry, Merry Christmas man!! I will call you soon , buried in work, but here :)
  12. Hey Bud that is fantastic news on the new gig!! So happy for you all! Hope it turns into something amazing for you!!!! And loving the Beatles and of course Suzie Q is one of my favorites!!! Keep well and enjoy the rest of the summer mano!! Jerry
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