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Are B.C. Rich guitars really worth the bad rep they get?


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I was just chuckling away at this parody on YouTube: "Things beginner guitarists say" - Jared Dines but when he got to "praising" B.C. Rich I found that a bit weird and googled up about that, and seems that they're getting some bad rep out there. Now the reason I'm asking is that I found one locally (Korean made), for quite cheap as apparently it need some little maintenance, and while I haven't still seen it now I'm not that sure if I even should.


I understand that the "edgy" look might not be for some, but then again I don't like Les Paul's either (oh yes, I just went there) so that's not really what I care about, but I've read that the overall build quality is a bit so-so. Now I'm still a very beginner so I'm not looking for a high end guitar by any means, just something to keep in Eb or so for those metal songs that I play, so that I don't have the need to constantly re-tune.


I read that the pickups are quite shitty, but I guess that would be a great way to learn to change them as well. I can solder, just don't have the tools currently and haven't done it in years, but I'm pretty sure I could get that done anyway.

Do you think that a Warlock would be worth it, or should I just scrape the idea in full and take a look at other stuff that's available?

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I know this is almost one month old, but if you are still wondering about these guitars I can tell you my personal experience with my Mockingbird:


-Pickups sound great for me (despite my punk rock tastes) they sound really warm with clean tones but their strongest point are the distorted tones, totally metal-ish. (Really don't know what people consider "good pick-ups", the ones that cost over $1000?)  


-Only prob is that the body is too heavy and the guitar tends to slide forward. 

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Good pickup are totally subjective point because it only depends on which sounds you want your guitar to have. Dood pickup can cost 10$ or 1000$ if the sounds is what you're looking for.


The things with BC rich is that pickup are mostly metal-ish kinda heavy pickup which won't work for some people that are looking for cleaner, softer sounds. They are heavy, but like really heavy, which in a way is probably good cause heavy wood might have other specs that allow for a different sounds but once again it's not for everyone and rare are the guitarist looking for heavy guitar cause it will break your back faster if you like to move a lot on stage for exemple :D


But overall they aren't bad gutiar as some guitars might be and i don't know about their setup but since everyone tends to redo it anyway i'm not sure it's really the thing that people will hold against a brand...

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Still love my old stratocaster's cheap pickups and their dirty tone  :D


I think that if you love metal and heavy distorted tones and want a kind of different and good looking guitar, you should consider Bc Rich.

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The thing about BC Rich is that the cheap ones are cheap in every respect. Materials, parts, workmanship, QC... if there's a corner that could be cut, it is, and it shows in the quality of the lower priced instruments.


So it's not uncommon for the ones many beginners own to be... less than great.


However, if you can try one, and check to see it's not a dud(no dead frets, loose frets, frets not cut or smoothed properly, etc), then give it a go.


It's a bit like whisky. Some people like it neat, some people mix it with all manner of things. The right way to drink it is how you like it.

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For what its worth I have a Bronze series. My Black outs sporting Ibanez and Dean Jammer both have a better tone ...


That said coming from a classical guitar, I find the BC Rich to be the most... Ergonomic!!! Odd? yes! But most certainly true; in a sitting position (and not bad standing actually the most ergonomic I've had, including two Ibanez, a Washburn, Two fenders, and a Dean plus acoustic instruments and what not). Also it keeps tune like a champ and works great all around, no buzz anywhere. The tone is less than stellar but, quite versatile (given reviews I'd guess it's not so consistent) though new set of pickups could make it stronger in some area... but I actually enjoy it as is and am unlikely to do anything to it other than use it every day :D 


That said, it's up to you. But if you are the kind of person to pull up a chair, set your foot rest, then set your sheet and metronome, the Warlock is not a bad choice it just locks into place and allows you rest. Weird really, and otherwise I can say it's much lighter than a less Paul


Hope this helps

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