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Hi guys, I have an Ibanez Gio GRG250DX




And as you can see, it has a Satin/Matte Finish, and I have noticed that in the area were my arm rests when I play, it has become a bit "glossy", do any of you have had this happen to your guitars? if so, have you "fixed" or found a way to return the satin finish to it?


I have read about people using 0000 steel wool, but I once received advice from a guitar technician to never use steel wool on a guitar...

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"I have read about people using 0000 steel wool, but I once received advice from a guitar technician to never use steel wool on a guitar..."


That's only to do with particles being attracted to the pick-ups, be careful, always use a vacuum beside where you have the wool or remove the pick-ups before doing it, and clean thoroughly afterwards.

Be careful and you could use an angle grinder, not that I'd recommend that :P 



In regards to the gloss effect, I wouldn't bother doing anything other than a normal clean. It will always come back if you play that guitar regularly, your clothes are polishing it with every movement and any sweat etc is getting polished into it. If you decide to take steel wool to it, you will eventually just be looking at bits of bare wood.


Wear it as a badge of honor says I  :) 



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I've just put a nice little dent in the finish of my satin white Yamaha tonight, by dropping the jack on it.


Ah, well.  Now it's "road worn" and worth twice as much… ;)

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Matte finishes are sprayed on... you wont be able to sand it and make it look correct.  i had this same issue with my flat black Jeff Loomis schecter.  


Your options, in my experience with this are......

1: you *could* re-clear coat the guitar, using a matte clear coat.

2: you could repaint the guitar completely.

3: you could just acknowledge that matte finishes are never going to remain completely matte.  they simply wear smooth over time.  


personally .. i'd completely repaint the guitar .. but then im a freak like that :P


whatever you decide to do .. i wish ya the best of luck! keep jamming

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