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Repetitive Motion Injuries



Seems the two tendons that control my thumb on my strumming hand (Right) are pretty well toasted.  About a year ago I was in a guitar store, and went to grab a guitar off the rack (bottom rack thankfully). I suddenly had no grip, and an immense amount of pain. 


That was over a year ago, and while the pain is only infrequently now, it's getting worse.  I fear my guitar playing coupled with typing all day long has caught up with me.  Never really played much because my wife was in a pretty well respected band back in the day and I was too intimidated to learn how to play while living with a pro.


Finally said "fuck it" after learning about RS1.  Took the plunge and now I play all the time.  But I have to stop. Friggin drag.  Doctor's Orders. Not sure for how long.


Anyway - if there is someone else who was in the same boat, unable to play due to a repetitive motion injury, are you still suffering, and if not, how long does this take to heal?  I've had 3 visits to the Physical Therapist, so I think I'm on the road to getting it fixed, but I don't know when I'll play again.

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I've got problems with my fret hand, so it's gonna be different. It's been about a year now since the pain started, maybe a little more. I have had physio, not played guitar for 6 months and all sorts of exercise and muscle building routines.


It's all been a bunch of crap to this point. Recently a  GP took a look at a previous x-ray and  gave an immediate and confident diagnosis, so hopefully I will get it sorted out now.


The only thing I can say is make sure your doctor is good and if you feel you are getting nowhere get a second or even a third opinion.

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I ripped the tendons between my middle and ring fingers on my left hand about 2.. almost 3 years ago, it was from trying to go from 0 to satriani in 10 seconds flat .. it was brutal! i couldnt move my hand at all for a very long time .. if anything even bumped my middle finger,.. the pain is unbelievable! so i definately know what your doing through!


my hand is better now, but its been a long road.. and i still have to watch what im doing, or it will flare up again.  for the first 18 months or so, i was taking 2000 mg of fish oil, and 3000 mg of glucosamine every morning with coffee ... my hand was completely stiff in the mornings, and the heat from the coffee mug helped a LOT.. ive since stopped taking them, though i really should be taking them now.


all i can say is .. it will get better in time .. but do NOT push it! tendons heal freakishly slowly, and even then may never fully recover.  diligence and due care are key here.


to anyone else reading this .. i urge you .. please warm your hands up before you play! an athlete doesnt spring out of bed and run a marathon, you shouldn't be playing with cold hands for the same reasons.   

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