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Suggestion: when browsing for files, default to the current location of the template

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If you've saved your eof files by default, it should have created a folder with all the stuff. Lets say that going with that workflow, you decide to save the package.dlc.xml file there with all the stuff filled in so you can tweak the tones and whatnot.


However, lets say you've imported from some random location on your hard drive or you work on multiple customs. It really sucks to keep browsing from





...all the time because you keep moving back and forth between different toolkit projects.


I want there to be an option to have my .dlc.xml

in my \song1\ folder to look for tones, save my generated package, import my album picture, import tones to always start there instead of in \song2\.


Argh? It's finally gotten annoying enough to start suggesting a preference option. Anyone agree?

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So you vvant to get default folder vvhen resaving template to it's old location, instead of last used folder? or you vvant to set default folder for existing template, as for arrangements\tones\album art?

It's a bit fuzzy to me  please explain more detailed vvith another one example :)

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I want to set the default browse folder for the current template location, instead of last used folder. All the "save/browse" options start browsing at the last used folder. I want them all to start browsing in whatever folder the template is saved in.



For example. I have two folders


c:\documents and settings\user1\desktop\song2


If I open song 2, and click on a browse button to import the album art, for example, I want it to start browsing in the song2 folder.

If i open song 1 and do the same, I do NOT want it to start browsing in the song2 folder, forcing me to navigate to song1.

If I go back to the song1 toolkit window and hit browse for tone in the toolkit on song2, I want it to stay in the song2 folder, instead of defaulting to the last used folder, which is now song1.


If you do want it to default to last used, at least make it independent between .dlc.xml files.

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