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calibration / cable /changing basses questions





i have a few questions about how people are calibrating and setting up the game.

i play bass, so this mainly applies to bass, but i expect it crosses over to guitar as well.


i want to be able to play with a light touch and i have had some issues with the game not picking up notes.  i am pretty sure that is what the problem is. when i play light it sometimes misses in a run of notes that are the same.  but if i play a similar section really hard, it never misses.


i've messed around with the volume on the real tone cable settings and that leads to calibrating.


what i wonder is what all you people are doing in this regard?  do you always turn the volume and tone full blast on your bass?  when you calibrate do you play only as hard as you want your hardest touch to be when it ramps up to the max.


for players with more than one bass, do you always re-calibrate when you switch basses?


i'm not super concerned with how loud my bass is in the game, only that the engine senses my touch correctly. 


on the tuning screen does the machine always tell you your signal is too low?  no matter what bass i use, it always tells me it's low.  (BUT it always asks me if i am sure i am using a bass too, so i have no idea what is up!)


i would love to hear how others are setting up to get the best results!




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Your questions all make sense to me, so you are doing nothing wrong :D


The game actually recommends having all your volume knobs turned up, it gives you warnings about this during tuning.  It needs a decent signal coming from the guitar to be able to analyse it and tell if you are playing correctly or not.


When you play lightly the signal from the guitar is not strong enough for the game to recognise it and so it says miss.



There are 2 ways to play guitar/bass.  The first way is making it sound good e.g. playing lightly and the second way is playing for score in Rocksmith.


You have to decide if you are playing for score or playing to make the song/bass sound nice.  Learning how to do both is probably the best way forward, it will make you a better all round bass player understanding the difference, and you can bring some of those "loud" skills into your real life bass playing for effect sometimes.



I get the low volume message a lot with my bass, but not so much with my guitar.  I think it's just the game, or maybe because my bass pickups are not as "hot".



When I switch between guitar and bass I always recalibrate.  It's easy, on the tuning screen you can press Enter and it takes you to calibration.  Takes 30 seconds.




I personally leave everything on default/auto but what you can try is manually adjusting the cable gain.  After Rocksmith starts up hit the Windows key, go into your audio options (speaker in the system tray) and selct recording devices.  Now find the RS cable and put the slider up.


Might make the game sound like crap and you need to do this every time you start Rocksmith, but at least it's something to experiment with.




Good luck :D

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The calibration will adjust the cable gain to adapt to how loud your equipment is. During calibration try to play as you normally would so that RS consider your normal way of playing as his loudest signal to receive (going higher isn't an issue as far as i know but i never tried to push it either) so that it is harder to go lower than the lowest limit of RS signal detection.


It's the same during tuning, tune as if you were playing a song with the same touch cause playing harder/softer will change the attack pitch and might lead to some miss in RS.

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