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Hey guys,

I was eager to use the new group system to create our own little place where we have a lot more options to manage our collective enthusiasm about our favorite genres. I hope you'll enjoy this place and we can make it something where people really like to hang out and get to know each other better while talking about their love for music.

Anyone interested in moderating, just give me a shout. Charters will get appropriate titles and justgimmethefunk will be an admin of course.




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It seems like frippchen left the group. Not sure why but maybe we should provide some content to make membership more attractive. Wouldn't be a bad idea. ;)


I'll try to think of something, maybe initiate some conversations. There are also a few people who haven't yet accepted my invitation. I'll try to contact them about it.

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maybe we should provide some content to make membership more attractive. Wouldn't be a bad idea. ;)

Yes I agree the place could be more entertaining...maybe we could have a weekly poll about artists, albums, instruments etc...?

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I just found out that all members were blocked from posting in the group itself as well as in your original thread, which seems to be linked to the group now, so I looked in the settings and saw that the permissions for "General" were not correctly set (I might have done that by accident when familiarizing myself with the settings). I fixed it now and will write a mass post to all members explaining the issue.

I hope it's fixed now and we can start some conversations in here, beginning with polls about favorite songs; some of which may end up on my to do list. :)

I also changed the name to include Disco instead of Afrobeat because LaceyB mentioned that it makes more sense and I agree. I honestly just forgot about it because I'm not a big Disco freak. There's gonna be a disco pack from me though, and soon.

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  • Rocksmith Championship Organizer

Thanks for taking this spell from us :D

about that Disco thing I woul say Disco belongs more to Funk, kinda Pop Funk.

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Good. It seems I finally managed to do something right. :lol:

Categorizing Disco as Pop Funk makes sense. Would you therefore suggest that it's covered with the term "Funk"? In that case I could probably reinstate the initial name. Maybe we need to vote on this, so everybody can voice their opinion.

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