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Question regarding band promotion.



Hey everyone!


I was wondering, is it allowed to promote band's songs in cdlc? I.e. I create a $BandName CDLC and in the description section write smth like "Please, support the band by buying it's music $ItunesLink\$AmazonLink".


In the rules section the only somewhat relevant thing I found is about forbidding profiting from CDLC  myself.

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Feeling slightly superiour....

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Hmm, maybe you can word it like:

If you like this song please buy their music at $ItunesLink\$AmazonLink\ or listen to them on $SpotifyLink\$GooglePlayLink


It's fine as long as you're not generating profit off of CDLC sales and the band is not selling their CDLC either, if its just promoting the band I'm fine with that, I am always for supporting the artist.

Additionally it might be better just to link the official band's website.

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If that was a concern, wouldn't you guys have already made it a requirement to include links to purchase the music then?

This site is over a year old and users have apparently been finding the music to purchase just fine up until this point.


(Or more realistically, and what is the root of my actual point, very few users follow rule #2 and it's in place more to protect the site than anything else)

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