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Transcribing Exercise with Rocksmith


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I think it would be a great idea to have some transcribing exercises with Rocksmith, some notes sounds and you play it with riff repeater until it said you don't have any mistake. The problem is that to activate master mode, first you have to play it at least perfect in Score Attack, and then you would not have any problem to know what notes the exercise is asking for.


About transcribing:



I've been modifyng a file, to make this possible and make a CDLC so you have to figure out what note sound and play it. Here is a video of how it looks:


It isn't perfect yet ( and I think it never will since seen impossible to open niff files) but it's a start. I think I know the way to fix the glow in the string you have to play and the position of the hand, but as it would be the first exercise let's make it easy. :P


To try this you need the CDLC and the edited dependecy_songcomponents.psarc that goes in the base folder of the Rocksmith Installation. You will need to restore the original file to see the notes again:


This is something I'm working and I don't guarantee anything. Make it under your own risk.








Little Guide for Dummies:

1- Download both files

2- Place CDLc as always.

3- Go to Rocksmith installation folder and look for a folder called "base".

4- Search for dependency_songcomponents.psarc

5- Copy it to a safe place

6- Take my dependency_songcomponents.psarc and put it in "base".

7- Run the game

8- Open Riff Repeater and in View Previous Mistakes put it off.


Now the best thing I think would be in riff repeater, note by note, write it in a paper and when you have all play the entire song.


Let me know what you think about this little experiment and what would you change.


I tgought that this was the best forum to put this since it's using modified files of the game, but if the staff want to move it no problem.

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I keep fighting with the glow of the strings. I have tested few things but for now I couldn't make it.


Non related, but while trying to do this, I edited my rocksmith guitar(just a test, I know is not where is supposed to be and not well alligement, etc):



EDIT: v2: http://cloud-2.steamusercontent.com/ugc/708528119653520712/111DEAEDB0AAEEA7533703664D75096FFCAB25B0/


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This sounds awesome! Exactly something I've been doing without Rocksmith, and now (or in near future) I can do it in RS as well. 

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