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dbz rx or Ibanez js100?


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Ok so i need some quick advice, im looking into getting another guitar cause I've been playing rocksmith for 2 going on 3 years with the epiphone junior model that came with the 200$ bundle, which is fine for practice but im to the point where i feel i could probably do better with a better guitar, 


so I've got some deals I've found a


brand new dbz Barchetta rx-fr-r6 for 350$


used less than an hour dbz BARRX-R1 for 300$


or the Ibanez js100 that is used for idk how long and the back plate is missing for 315$


i dont have access to try any of them out, was hoping to have one with a fairly thin neck kinda like the guitar i got now 


thanks for input in advance!!! 

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SfcoAwol guess who is selling that DBZ BARRX-R1 for $300 on ebay....me!!!


I'm ajhah on ebay and bought it back when there was a DBZ TTK special sale. The DBZ BARRX-R1 looks great and feels real nice in the hand with good quality parts on it. I also bought a DBZ BARRX7-DCT at the same time and only play that one, so I figured I would sell the DBZ BARRX-R1 since I never use it.


Looking forward to you buying. I can even sell it to you for cheaper if you want to bypass ebay, so I don't have final value fees. I would just send you a cheaper Paypal invoice straight through Paypal and you'd still be covered by the buyer protection. :)




I also just recently bought a DBZ Diamond Bolero FM3 so even more reason to sell the DBZ BARRX-R1.

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Always check and use -> The latest Toolkit builds


To disable dynamic difficulty and not get the 100% accuracy bug don't use the override to max option, but instead disable DD and set sight reading level to Max. With this configuration the 100% bug does not surface.

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