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  1. Good point. A little update by the way: I've played a few other amps in a store a week ago out of curiosity with my dbz. So at first I was gonna ask them what they think about upgrading from the stock pickups, but after testing a few mid-expensive amps and the exact spider IV I've got at home for comparison, I noticed that a vox vt20+ is the upgrade that I'm probably seeking for now. The spider sounds a little shallow/flat at similar distorted settings. Clean is not that much of a difference to be fair. The spider isn't bad per se and the vox certainly is not the maximum improvement possible, it's just a similar 'phenomenom' I've had with headphones a while back. Cheap ones do fine, til you hear something a lot better. No idea why I thought the cheapest amp on the market could be the perfect jack-of-all-trades for my bedroom jamming.
  2. Hey, I also have the spider IV 15 and I like it as a practice amp. Not sure if Amplifi 75 is such a huge upgrade in terms of 'mimicing' certain guitar tones, after reading a few reviews about it. I'd recommend testing it in a store. Of course you could order it online and send it back if it doesn't sound the way you imagined overall. Speaker: Are you listening to music through the TV speakers? If so, the Amplifi could be a good buy for that matter. I'm using a yamaha hi-fi system as my computer output, so those speakers might be a downgrade to me.
  3. I also bought this particular guitar during ttk special ;) It's really good for the money imo, it became my main guitar after a few days.
  4. Thanks Izzy for pointing out that the amp is fine. I've been handling the guitars with care and cleaning the fretboard when changing strings, but never thought about cleaning the strings before/after playing. I feel stupid now, haha.. a small bottle of string cleaner has been on my shelf all the time, next to the lemon oil. After cleaning the strings I can say it seems to help alot! Thanks Wepeel @Attitude: the neck pickup is really low and the bridge one is pretty high, so neck should have more sustain while bridge has more output, correct?
  5. So.. I've got two guitars, the cheap-ass rocktile st-something I learned the basics on - it's set up very playable with lowered action and almost no fret buzz. ...and a dbz barchetta rx-r1 which i grabbed on the weekend they sold it for $200 a few weeks back ;) big thanks to the cf-team for letting me know about that offer on this site, btw! The dbz felt like I don't even have to change a thing out of the box, and sounds way punchier and more defined - the stock custom dbz pickups seem to be a huge improvement obviously. My amp is a line6 spider IV15, with factory presets. What I'm wondering is why the higher notes (17-22) sound weak and die out rather quick, is it because the amp is ok-ish but not great or do I need expensive pickups for better sustain there? Oh and I've been playing self-taught for like 8 months, so I know the problem might still be bad technique. What do you guys think?
  6. Swallow the sun cdlc available is pretty easy (single notes and some power chords, not as fast as let's say arch enemy) if you ignore the tapping parts in some songs. Other than that (for metal) only Rammstein comes to my mind, they have a few really trivial songs. You might want to name a few songs that you can play already, so people can guess a little closer what you also might be able to play.
  7. maybe it's the wrong topic to ask this, but do i need any sort of music theory knowledge to create cdlc's? i'd love to contribute cdlc of some bands that i personally am missing here so far, saw the cdlc tutorial with videos - i'm probably gonna try to figure that out when i'm home. i just want to make sure that a 'music theory noob' like me is capable of releasing good cdlc. (i.e. close to matching custom tones, the rest depends how good the tabs are, right?)
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