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SmellyOrc's Abandoned Projects Thread


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So, I've noticed I've got a few projects that are halfway done or more, which I can't be bothered to fix/complete. I've decided to upload them here. Anyone is permitted to complete these and upload these, giving credit where it's due. Also, leave a note here when you decide to work on something, so we don't get duplicates.


First up:

Blackmore's Night - Wish You Were Here (click it to download all the files)


Reason: Noticed it was in D Standard when I entered it in the toolkit. Can't be arsed to re-tune to D Standard, so I can't test it.

Still needs: Tone changes for both lead arrangements (Part_real_guitar_22 and part_real_bass_22 are used for lead arrangements). Some notes might need the Vibrato status added to em.

Already has: All arrangements synced, sections, synced vocals



After Forever - Intrinsic


Reason: Hell if I know.

Still needs: Could add bass (tab is for a 5-string though). Needs tone changes and vocals.

Already has: Guitar arrangement synced, sections.



After Forever: My Pledge Of Allegiance #2 The Tempted Fate


Reason: Dunno. Everything seems to be there

Still needs: Might need some tone changes. Vocals

Already has: Lead/Rhythm/Bass synced. Sections.



After Forever - Transitory


Reason: No clue.

Still needs: chord sustain fixes (toggling crazy status on chords, ya' know).

Already has: Rhythm/lead/bass synced. Sections. Synced Vocals.


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I'm also stuck with several projects. I like your initiative, we should make more team work here at cDLC, also it may not be so easy to work on same projects.

I particularly like your blackmoore's night releases, so I may check "Wish you were here".


I'm still reworking "manhatten" my notes on paper were quite different from yours, so I decided to tab them in GPro.

For a novice tabber, this is very timeconsuming, with great learning effects, to understand these damn art.harmonics.

Some measures sound better then yours, others not so good, a matter of pauses, sustains and staccatos.

I'll sent you the file by the end of this week.

I'll think I will add it as an additionnal arrangement and keep yours.

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