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Can't install the ToolKit on my Mac

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Hi Guys,


I can't install the ToolKit on my Mac.


I am running Mac OS 10.9.4


Updated to the latest mono project

Downloaded and installed the latest ToolKit build for mac


The RSInjector works fine, I am able to download the songs already formatted for Mac but I have some PC versions I would like to convert to Mac...


So, when I fire up the ToolKit, (steam is on) I can see the Icon bobble up and down on the dock but then it disappears without launching anything, no matter how long I wait.


Does anyone have any ideas of what I can try?

Help would be appreciated

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You should use latest beta toolkit build(I wander if you already did this :))
It take some time with mono, you can indicate when it started mono use lots of CPU resources, just wait a bit and it should launch, recently I've done some improvements for better mono support.

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Hi there, Yes, I have the latest build downloaded for Mac. 
I know it can take a long time. 

In my case it's not a long time, it simply does not launch!

The icon for the toolkit bobbles up and down on the dock and disappears without launching (no matter how long you wait)

there are no error messages, pop up windows to indicate what the issue is...


I need help!

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If you can - launch it from console, maybe you missing some other dependecies, It works with win mono builded 5 september 2014( 3.8.0) ensure you've got no old MRE version installed and it's for net 4.0 it can be buggy with net 4.5 (I've got one report at github that relate to v4.5 framework issue.)

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I'm running the latest version (released yesterday),

Hmm yeah it worked when I downgraded mono to the version you mentioned, thats odd! Thanks!! It did take a SUPER long time to open though, with the guitar icon bouncing up and down for a while. Did you experience this?



Yeah, that's normal for the first time you open it.  It should open quicker every time afterwards.

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