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Leading Silence Not Working


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Hey guys, whenever I want to add Leading Silence to a song, I add 3000 milliseconds and press OK. Instead of adding 3 seconds to the start of the song it makes the entire song blank and last 3 seconds. What the hell is going on?


My YouTube page showcasing my Rocksmith customs:



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I got strange behaviors like that, specially after setting leading silence in Audacity, and trying to make adjustments later in EOF. Maybe some ogg compatibility problem. Try reloading the mp3.


There are also two options to add silence

- Stream copy - silence is added lossless without re-compressing (could fail)

- Re-encode - silence and wave data get re-compressed (not lossless, but probably meaningless)


If you set silence out of EOF, in EOF you can adjust the notes and beats to the start of mp3 with 

song/properties/delay. Delay does not change the ogg. Try values until they sync.

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