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Hello CustomForge community


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Just wanted to drop in say hi like "normal" folks do...


I'm 42 years old and from the Netherlands, started playing since 9 months now and after a month picked up a copy of RS2014, which made the progress a lot easier I must say. Played mostly original DLC's until I discovered some page mentioning Smithy anvil, but it was overhauling or something... On youtube I came across people who mentioned CustomForge and so here I am people... Must say I love what I've seen sofar, that goes for the CDLC's aswell as for the community site and its members.


So... I'll stay around a bit longer to learn on all levels and get as much info as humanly possible.


Owning 5 guitars at the moment, 2 Squiers strats from which the affinity is still my fav guitar to play, 2 Harley Benton's (SG and LP) and an electric acoustic Washburn and in the process of buying a Fender SQ silver burst Troy Sanders bass.


Keep up the good work and thanks a lot for being here on my guitar practice path.



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Thx for the 2 comments and the 57 views...lol Btw... You should know that you don't HAVE to be crazy to be my friend....but it helps!!ou you should know that you don't HAVE to be crazy to be my friend...but it helps!!now that you don't HAVE to be crazy to be my friend...but it help


Oh boy....I'm like a big kid in a candystore here.... Trying out so much songs (figuring out which ones are playable for my level) But I swear I will thank every single one of you cdlc creators after trying them out, even the ones that I can't play yet...lol


Also thanking the first cdlc creator that came upon my path, Xstatic for creating the Blade Runner Theme which I truly LOVE, will do so on the cdlc page in a while as it's the normal procedure in here. Not yet though... too busy hunting down more songs at the moment.


Thx again  ;)

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If you're looking for normal folks you're in the wrong place here mate. 


With over 6000 songs and more being added every day we probably got a load you'd like.


Anyway, howdy and dont feel too shy to drop by in the chat. That will determine your future here. 


"you'll either leave right away, or stay long enough to see yourself become a regular."

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