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Found 18 results

  1. Hi guys, if you enjoy techdeath genre and you want more techy cdld, we can share some tabs we have with each other. Oficial tabs that are not in ultimate guitar, so maybe its helps to motivate us to create more techdeath. This days i bought Irreversible Mechanism - Immersion album and Vipassi-s album guitar tabs. If you are interested and you also have something that is not in ultimate guitar just ask me
  2. Hi Everyone I hope i have posted this in the correct forum I want to create some CDLC but i am really struggling to find accurate tabs on which to base the CDLC on, also the more obscure bands that i want to create the CDLC from there just doesn't seem to be a lot of accurate tabs around, i might be able to find tabs occasionally but when i load then into Eof they just wont fit with the actual Music. so my probably quite Nooby question is-is there any auto tab writing software available where i can play the track i want to create the CDLC on and the prog will write the TAB for me ? I have wondered for a while where some of you guys who create CDLC for less mainstream bands actually get your tabs from or do you create them yourselves ? I am primarily interested in creating the Bass lines because its the bass lines that i want to play and there are so many brilliant bass lines out there that have never been turned into CDLC and i would like to add something more to the Community by creating CDLC myself but it is so far proving to be far more difficult and time consuming than i had previously imagined primarily due to the lack of accurate TABs Thanks in advance for your assistance
  3. Hello guys! here is the thing. I'm working on the version 2.0 for the Legions Of The Dead cdlc and I only need this little assistence for the final part. For the Solo part in the song the bass and guitars have more notes than just the palm muted 0's. You can see it at minute 2:23 in the live video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO3wa-vEGqo And this is my tab in Guitar Pro. Can you tell if it's like the first 2 compasses or the other 2?
  4. Hello everybody. There is this one piece in the song "The Brain Dance - Animals As Leaders" that I have been having trouble learning, so I wanted to turn it into a cdlc to help me kinda visualize the tabs better. Unfortunately, the part im trying to learn is towards the end of the song, and there is a lot of BPM changes before it. When I put the tab in EOF, I can never get the part of the song im trying to learn to be synced with the audio because of all the notes before it and the BPM changes in the tab. Is there a way I can apply mid-song BPM changes in EOF, or is there a way I can cut all the notes before the piece I want to learn in EOF? I would just go and edit the original tab, but I have no experience in editing tabs and uploading them to a gp5 file. Any help or quick tutorials I can get? Thanks so much! P.S. I was planning on uploading a cdlc that I made, but there is one issue at the end regarding a bpm change.
  5. I've look all over and can't find tabs for this song I'd like to create CDLC for. Here's a link to the song if it helps: If anyone has an idea where I can find tabs or preferably a Guitar Pro file for this song I'll make it as soon as I can. It's a great song if you've never heard it. Thanks! Joe
  6. Has anyone seen Rabbit Junk tabs? At least few songs! I had google it, but found nothing. Maybe someone knows good sites with great rock tabs library or sth like this? I really want to play some Rabbit Junk songs =(
  7. Let me preface this, I have really, really nice tabs, not from ultimate-guitar. I really love them and I enjoy playing along. But to have it in Rocksmith, with the tones, would be fucking incredible. Can anyone do this quick? I'd be willing to share the tabs if it could be completed quickly and shared on the Ignition so that everyone can love it. Please!
  8. Hi. I have always tried to make rocksmith custom songs but it always ends with tears, a couple viruses, and no more cdlc. I have tried watching videos but they always lead me to a dead end or require the purchase of some software like WWise that i cant get to work. The farthest i have ever gotten is a charted song in EOF before spending 2 hours trying to get some program to turn it into a rocksmith file. Why can i just put the file in some file converter? Anyway, I need some help, I'm starting to loose interest in guitar as a whole because all the rocksmith songs have become stale and i tabs just frustrate me. PLEASE HELP
  9. Hi there, Need some help in figuring out some tabs. There are a couple of songs I like that do not have tabs posted. On U-G, 911 and Songsterr the songs shows tabs but people tabbed the intro and solo but that's it. The rest are just chords...Obviously it's not as easy as importing into guitar pro to tab it properly, or is it? For example, the intro is fully tabbed then they list the chords all the way to the solo, the solo is tabbed and then there some sort of pattern where the chords repeat themselves to the outro... How do I go about importing that into guitar pro to work with EOF? Any help would be appreciated. There are many examples listed out there, I really have no prefrence, I just want to learn how to do it. One example that comes to mind is Renegade by X-Ambassadors. Hope that gives you enough info for a response! Thanks all
  10. How can i do this? I want to copy this to guitar pro: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/b/billy_talent/prisoners_of_today_ver5_tab_1145113id_09042012date.htm
  11. Hi! So I watched this video of a guitar remix of Ke$ha Die Young a week or so ago and it's amazing, it's done by Cole Rolland, a YouTube guitarist who remixes a bunch of songs. So I contacted him and he'll sell me the tabs, I would like to buy them but they are pricey and I'd like to have them as a CDLC. So if I buy them would anyone turn them into CDLC for me? Would prefer someone who has done CDLC before and has a good rep. If you're willing to do them I plan on buying them. He'll give them to me as either a PDF or GuitarPro tabs. I should also be receiving the backing music track. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTpvttx5ABs
  12. Hi, I imported my tabs from guitar pro 6. The tabs are almost perfect to the original published tab. Once imported in EoF, I added my leading silence. Doing so worked great for the beginning of the song (i only had to do minor adjustments) but at the end of the song, it fades out at 4:03 but I have notes rolling until 4:29. I am working on America's Horse with no name (I know it's a CDLC already availble but how do you learn if it's always done for you?) If you know a solution, that would be appreciated.
  13. Hi, Just wondering what is the best place for importing tabs for a CDLC? I've seen Guitar Pro, Ultimate Guitar Plus etc... Can you please let me know the best source most are using? Thanks for the help.
  14. Anyone able to help me set up my tabs in guitar pro? I have the notes in but I can't get the timings right. I can supply the tabs I used, the MP3, and Guitar pro file. Any help would be great thanks.
  15. So, short story short, i really want to make a CDLC of this song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkrSMtCCK9M (stickerbrush symphony from Donkey Kong Country 2) but there is not a tab to be found for this specific version, and if someone around here was good at tabbing stuff by ear or any of that, i would be eternally grateful to you and give you my first second and third born children as payment. THIS SONG IS FREAKING AWESOME so i really hope i can get some help with the tab!! =] thanks everyone!!
  16. Hi...so I transcribed "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" on guitar...but there's a sweet bass line, which I want to include. The problem is...that there aren't any good tabs. I tried to tab it myself using my electric guitar, but then some weird notes came in (Opened D note on fattest string, but then another sound came in, which also sounded like an opened D note). The one thing I know for sure - the tuning is Drop D. Can you help me?
  17. Is there a tool one can use to import standard text tabs like those found at ultimate-guitar.com into the custom song toolkit?
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffs78DgfKNY
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