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Found 16 results

  1. I've been playing Rocksmith for years on Xbox and want to now make the transition to PC as there is no new DLC for Xbox. Can anyone recommend a Laptop to use for (mainly) Rocksmith/CDLC. I don't know too much about computers and I'm struggling to understand what the specs that are needed compared to current laptops. Ideally I want something for around £500 that other people have used for Rocksmith so I know if definitely works, as I have read people have issues with sound lag with some computers. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hello CustomForge, lately, I've been having problems with Rocksmith 2014. It won't put custom songs in even when I put them in the dlc file. I reset my computer a while ago due to issues so I had to redownload it. The dlc folder had no custom songs but Rocksmith itself had all of my custom songs that I have downloaded. If anyone knows something. That would greatly help.
  3. Welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship! -= Week 320 =- On-disc appreciation week FAQ: => How and Why join the Championships? => Rocksmith 2014 Championships rules Last week's winners: Lead: Beginner: DQIntermediate: @@DropZone90Advanced: @@HollyMakrellMasterclass: @@shaggy_malagyGod of Guitar: @@johnalRhythm: Beginner: -Intermediate: @@diceslingerAdvanced: @@SnakewizardMasterclass: @@johnalGod of Rhythm: Also johnal, because someone had accidentally filled johnal's score in the wrong column.Bass: Beginner and Beginner Bonus: DQ's evil twinIntermediate: @@RdGkAAdvanced: @@di
  4. I have a mac and rocksmith 2014 of course and when i load the game and try to play songs it crashes, but to fix this i has to take out the cdlc folder from the dlc folder and put it back once the game is in the menu then i press the song to read all the songs. But only a hand full of songs actually get read and shows up. Any way to fix any of these problems? Edit : the problem im having, i can play CDLC all fine and i didnt have to reapply a patch too. when i load RS i have to remove the cdlc folder from the files. Then wait until im in the menu then place the folder back into the games fil
  5. I don't like to complain at all but i have to say this ROCKSMITH IS FUCKING UNPLAYABLE! My profile got damaged somehow (atleast that's what the game says) and that wouldn't be a problem because i can make a new one. But the problem with that is the game itslef does not remembers any progress with any profile. In other words: if i make a profile and make some progress with it and then quit then open it again if i chose that profile it starts with the basics when you first play rocksmith. Not even mention that the guitar sounds like fucking megaladon diarrhea shit even with or without headp
  6. OK, so after watching the video tutorial on making CLDC's made by @@SkepticSquid here: http://customsforge.com/topic/841-how-to-make-cdlc-full-in-depth-tut-completed/ some of us still have difficulties so I thought that a non-video tutorial with screenshots and text instead might also be helpful, let's start: I've divided everything into 6 sections, some of them are currently in progress, but in the end you will be able to make your own customs for Rocksmith 2014. Here's the basic table of contents: PrepairingWorkload directoryGetting tools and setting them upGetting the resources - tabs
  7. Hello, I have owned Rocksmith2014 and used CDLC for probably at least a year if not longer. When they remastered it I updated Rocksmith and continued to use CDLC. Well last week my CDLC is no longer showing up. I came here thinking this would be a common issue because when I had the issue before they had the patch for the remastered version, however i haven't been able to find anyone having the same issues that I am currently having and downloading the .dll file and replacing it hasn't helped at all. I could use some help, any idea whats going on and how to fix it?
  8. I wonder if there is any way I could play some dlc xbox in rocksmith2014 one?
  9. So i bought rocksmith 2014 9 months ago and 1 week later the tone cable.The problem is the cable almost always make weird distortions or don't have any sound(inside the game)and don't recognize my guitar(if i play a song the game no recognize it and always said 'Miss') I tried with both of my electric guitars and the the problem is most likelyis with the tone cable.How can i fix this?I can't play rocksmith properly and i can't make CDLCs right now,please help!!!!
  10. Personaly i prefer the layout of rocksmith 1 with its ability to create playlists and the points and the concerts, so if there is any rocksmith 1 dlc page can you guys tell me where it is? and the tool to make it run cdlc? If there isnt rocksmith1 cdlc anymore and it got all deleted because it used to be on a different page. then is there any chance to have saved playlists of some sort? and is there any way to have rocksmith 1 concerts in rocksmith 2014? thanks. Also ive tried roadie but it never finds my dlc is there a proper tutorial? because i put the url of where my cdlc is at and at th
  11. Hello!! I need help. I bought Rocksmith 2014 and im playing in on my mac. I want to have ALL the songs from RS2012 + DLC in my game. Can someone please walk me through how to do it? thank you!
  12. Hi! I started rocksmith 2014 1 month ago and i saw custom songs on the internet,and i decided to dowland som custom song. I dowlanded some song with horizon and put it to rocksmith 2014 ,but when i launch the game i get a mesage: Warning downloadable content appears to be damaged, please delet the files and dowland agin. I did this a few time, but i always got the same mesage. So please can somebody help me to solve this problem? I've got rocksmith 2014 on xbox 360.
  13. I've been working on improving my guitar fundamentals for several months, and now have time to start doing YouTube videos again. Started playing this rhythm track 4 days ago, and keep getting 98%'s except for once I got 100%.. but wasn't filming.. of course, so I decided to up it and get to work on the lead track today. I tried many times to palm mute better than I was, but dropped notes happen fast then. Its not difficult to play, and very enjoyable if this song brings you back. The challenge is "how" you play it.. love their technique.. always have. Ubisoft needs to put out much more
  14. Here is a playthrough of Sum 41's Fat Lip =)
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