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  1. I tried to create the And Justice For All tone. If anyone can give me feedback or tell me how to make it better, that would be great. PRE 5 Band Graphic EQ -6 3 10 6 -7 AMP Marshall JVM410H 93 85 25 75 15 LOOP 8 Band Graphic EQ 6 4 -1 0 1 -1 3 6 CABINET CA-412C Dynamic Cone RACK 1 Studio Parametric EQ 8.00 200 -7.00 760 wide -12.00 0.20 wide 6.00 6.80 RACK 2 Studio ParaGraphic EQ 3.50 165 -1.00 800 -1.00 0.60 -1.50 1.80 1.50 6.80
  2. So I have been toying around in tone designer for quite some time so I can have a variety of presets assigned to my tone stick. After a lot of tweaking I was happy with this heavy, deep sound that (to me) sounds close to the Krankenstein and Diezel tones James uses on stage now. Keep in mind that I am not at all seasoned with dialing in amps or have an ear for a good tone, but Rocksmith actually offers me greater sounds than I'll ever get out of my little budget amp at home. Without further ado, here are the modules and settings from top to bottom on the tone designer screen. PRE: Noisegat
  3. Hey Guys, so I just downloaded "Fade To Black" by Metallica. It's an amazing song but there is one problem. I'm a little confused about the song's tuning. Is it E Standard or something else? I played with E standard and it sounded very bad. Any help? Thanks in advance!
  4. Every other song I've put into the dlc folder works except for this one, and other versions of fade to black(multitrack) tried renaming the file so that the syntax/format matched other songs that have microtonal tunings but it didn't work.
  5. I need help to fix cdlc songs in rocklsmith 2014 iv'e tried all the tutorials but it hasn't worked if anyone could please help me i would appariecate it
  6. Since no one else has started this yet, I figured I would. Will be doing one link per band, because who has time to link all of the Metallica and Megadeth customs individually? If you have any suggestions on ways to subdivide these, other artists to add, let me know. Notable charters: @@bernixix, @@Shinyditto12, @@Nacholede, @@Mercenary, @@dreddfoxx, @@Sharkman828, @@Tiberya, @@gizmo, @@AntonZap, @@bokkiej, @@favor, @@ice9, @@lukesome544, @@Snake3169, @, @@Nino83, @@smirocsmo, @@viper83 Angelus Apatrida (1 song) Annihilator (16 songs) Anthrax (20 songs) Artillery (3 songs) Aspid (1 song)
  7. Created by huntervandam, Enjoy!
  8. not perfect, many misses caused of a bit sloppy playing, but anyway not bad. If you just look you can see at any spots I'm not exactly playing the notes like in the chart, but the same notes at other positions what makes it more smooth playable. Should be changed in the Custom I think.
  9. Here's me playing Enter Sandman by Metallica We're Off To Never Never Land!
  10. hello ladies and gentleman i have a problem about add original id songs i found some songs in customsforge, especially metallica, i downloaded and i installed rscustom programme. i chose one song and rscustom programme said song id is successful then, i copied it song in C:// program filesx86/steam/steamapps/common/rocksmit2014/dlc i copied but i cannot see when i opened game. who will help me :) i know its easy but, i am human, i missing something :)
  11. Rocksmith 2014 Custom - Metallica - Creeping Death (Lead - SA 93.08%) 10-28-2014 The copyright of Rocksmith/Rocksmith 2014 is fully owned by Ubisoft Inc. https://www.ubisoftgroup.com
  12. Rocksmith 2014 Custom - Metallica - Creeping Death (Bass - SA 99.89%) 10-26-2014 The copyright of Rocksmith/Rocksmith 2014 is fully owned by Ubisoft Inc. https://www.ubisoftgroup.com
  13. Until It Sleeps - Metallica Rocksmith 2014 Custom Lead & Rhythm Charts Tuning: Eb Standard Charts/Tones by Nino83 DL Link: http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/until-it-sleeps-r2190 Not a huge 90's Metallica fan, but this songs got a great groove. Really like the tones on this one, nino83 did a great job on those.
  14. Mercyful Fate (medley) - Metallica Rocksmith 2014 Custom Lead & Rhythm Charts Tuning: Eb Standard Charts/Tones by Ifirt (uploaded by Snake3169) DL LInk: http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/mercyful-fate-r8094 This song's a damn marathon. Wasn't sure how it would sound cause I'm going on almost sleep and just went with it (not to mention that this is the 7th song I've recorded today). Recorded the lead then jumped straight into the rhythm track, so that starts to get a little lazy at times because I could barely hold the pick anymore.
  15. Thanks to Nino for creating this, kinda old one but I recently tuned back to E standard and wanted to do this one. Enjoy!
  16. Hi, first of all, this is my first post and I might have forgotten to present myself in the right section of the forum, please excuse me about that. For my first Rocksmith 2014 DLC, I wanted to try a special version of Master of Puppets by Metallica, arranged by a very talented bass player, Bruno Masquio (Which I know only from his youtube videos). llPWNYj5O6U I had a few problems with the grid snap, the triplets and the slides in the 6/8 bars, so forgive me if it is not perfect yet. I also tried to put a lead guitar track, for those who want to play the distorted part on guitar (I tr
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