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  1. How is the difficulty calculated? If I sort by difficulty, crazy things like In Flames and Dream Theater show up somewhere between Angela and Blitzkrieg Bop... Is it a number set somewhere? Is it calculated from the number of notes? Does DD play a facotr?
  2. Hello dear forum mates. My issue is with a specific CDLC song: Itoshisa wa fuhai ni tsuki - dir en grey When I try to select a certain part to practice in riff repeater i cant select it at all. Oddly enough it works when i select lead guitar and NOT rhythm guitar. I think its the c.psarc file itself. Its called DIR-EN-GREY_Itoshisa-wa-Fuhai-ni-Tsuki_v1_p.psarc and i found it here on the forum. I've really wanted to learn the riffs of this song for years and now when i finally got the chance i cant repeat the riffs! PLS HALP
  3. When I bought Rocksmith, I really liked the idea of CDLC, so much so I decided to try it out myself. I've only charted 1 song and have another on standby. I mostly chart songs that have already been published mostly because all the songs I want to chart myself have already been done (and some of those tabs need a bit of work to fix up.) I probably should have asked this before posting my first CDLC but I'll ask now: Are there any rules regarding posting CDLC that other charters have already done? If so, what is allowed and what isn't. Also, is there anything I should keep in mind about posti
  4. I encountered this crash before, but I never really found a solution to fix it. When, I put all four arrangements, the game crashes when you select and when the fret board is about to come up. So, I took little steps, try to compile the song with only just bass and vocals, loads up fine there. Then, I compiled Lead, bass and vocals, and it loads up fine, but when I add in rhythm It is "Rocksmith2014 stopped working". The odd thing was, I was updating this song to v3, when v1 and v2, those versions didn't crash at all when I had four arrangements in, but this time it did. Sections, tone ch
  5. Every other song I've put into the dlc folder works except for this one, and other versions of fade to black(multitrack) tried renaming the file so that the syntax/format matched other songs that have microtonal tunings but it didn't work.
  6. The download link is a site that says the transfer is no longer available. Should be removed or reuploaded. While I'm at it, was anyone able to download it while it was up and is able to email it to me or something?
  7. Released Released Anime/J-Rock WIP (Work In Progress/Un-Released) Gold (Released Section) = Favorites Light Blue (WIP Section) = Finished. Awaiting Testing/Tone Change
  8. This is the error I get in RST: I have showed the path to Wwise (D:\Wwise 2016.2.1.5995\Authoring\x64\Release\bin) where WwiseCLI is located, or am I doing something wrong? Does Wwise 2016 not work?
  9. So I signed up about 1 week ago and I still have not been allowed to enter the CDLC Ignition area which is where I'm assuming all of the custom songs are. When I click on any part of CDLC ignition it loads to a blank google error page. It says in the FAQ that I need to verify my email before I can enter ignition however I have not received any verification emails nor do I know how to get one sent to me. Please help.
  10. Hello people out there, I am still new to all this CDLC stuff and was wondering if anyone can help with a CDLC? The song is Build Me Up Buttercup but not by The Foundations (its still a good one), but by You Me and Everyone We Know. Id try to make it myself but i can still barely play guitar haha. Thanks for anyone taking their time even reading this!
  11. Hey there, i'm still having trouble to get the new .dll file to work with Rocksmith 2014 Remastered. I downloaded it from the original post and double checked the name. I placed it in the root folder and unblocked it from the properties. I also have the no cable launcher but I get the same results when using the original launcher. I will also add screenshots. Please ask for more screenshots if they are necessary for you. I'm completely confused here and i'm at the point to refund the product (I'm exaggerating, don't take it too serious :P). Screenshots: -Root Folder -DLC Folder
  12. Hi, I found some really nice exercises by Alex Rodman and a bunch by Fripponomic, and a recent one by Bojar. I love them. The "Artist" is always "You" when searching for them. Most that I have found are Blues and chords, which are great. Since they are not songs it seems like it may be uneventful to request more via the usual methods. I'd really like some that practice Scales exercises. Any others that you would suggest?
  13. I recently moved my steam account over to a new SSD and HDD with a new OS. The only thing i copied over was my DLC folder with other 1.5GB of song files in it. When i started up the game, i found out that none of my CDLC files work in the game- or atleast none of the 5 or so that i tested. They would all let me tune/capo/ whatever beforehand, and then the two amps would show up on the screen. After that, the game more or less "Freezes". I can still hear myself play if i make any noise, and the speakers are still animated and you can see the little rings that they make that are supposed to be
  14. Can you edit a Request after it's submitted? I screwed up part of it and want to fix or delete/resubmit.
  15. I'm new to the CDLC world for RS 2014 can anyone walk me through the process of getting a CDLC into RS 2014 for PS3.
  16. OS: Win7 Ultimate, 64-bit CPU: AMD FX-6100 AV: Microsoft Security Essentials .NET Framework version: 4.6.1 I'm running the beta that I just downloaded a little over an hour ago. The first thing I did was run the bulk repair with these settings: Skip Previously Repaired CDLC: Yes (but again, first time running it) Add DD (if not already present): Yes Repair 100% Mastery Bug: Yes Preserve existing song stats: Yes Run Repair using (.org) files: No Ignore Multitone Exceptions: No Repair Maximum Playable Arrangements: No Of the 271 files processed, 224 were skipped becaus
  17. FIRST, thanks for any help!!!!! I'm a totally fresh guy for RS~~ 2013rMBP macOS 10.12 RS2014 Remastered(Steam) I followed these instructions : http://customsforge.com/topic/33838-rsinjector-not-loading-just-crashes/page-3?do=findComment&comment=236219 Run the "RUN_PATCH_RS.command"Launch Rocksmith 2014 Remastered via steam and, I put some cdlc(like: girigirichop_m.psarc) into this path: /Users/XXX/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Rocksmith2014/dlc/ and launch RS, but these is not working, I can't find out the cdlc about that song~~ BUT BUT BUT later, i saw the
  18. So I have tried to do a bunch of CDLC, yet they are all out of sync when I import them into EoF. In Guitar Pro they are all correct synced and have correct BPM, yet the BPM from the tab doesn't get imported into EoF. Is dragging the notes so they line up with the song really the only option? I'm trying to do black metal songs where there is a lot of tremolo picking so lining everything up is very hard. Also sometimes when I "Undo" if I made a mistake, the program crashes and I have to start everything over.
  19. So I'm trying to use CDLC for the first time. I got the new D3DX9 File, downloaded DLC from ignition, moved it into DLC Folder, converted it using RocksmithToolKitGUI to Cherub Rock, the song I have. And it still won't show up in game. Any ideas?
  20. Hello everyone. I dont know if this actually posted anywhere, but I didn't find anything (don't know how to search). I have both Rocksmith Remastered 2014 and cherub rock steam license. I have CFSM installed and used it to rename files. I have copied required dll. Game itself an CFSM sees songs, but when I starting to play it, I can see only empty stage and two sound monitors. I can play guitar and hear sound, but game does not starting (no in-game guitar, no music no strings and frets). This issue found on major number of cdlcs, not all of them. Not sure if I fully described issue. Any id
  21. I need help to fix cdlc songs in rocklsmith 2014 iv'e tried all the tutorials but it hasn't worked if anyone could please help me i would appariecate it
  22. Sorry if this has been discussed before but I couldn't figure it out myself. My question is can I use the "CFSM" program to fix only specific CDLCs?? I know that it is meant to fix your "dlc" folder and I already did it,but since then,I've downloaded some new CDLCs and I'm not sure if they don't have the 100% bug on them. Also, if I generate my (e.g:new song for Rocksmith) will that have the issue as before or there was an update for RSToolKit to handle this ? Thanks!
  23. Hello and good day. I have a question, I have downloaded around 20 Dream theater songs where alot of them have a custom tuning which forces my bass to tune to a REALLY low tune where the strings just bounce and stuff. I searched in what the Song was tuned in the database and tuned my bass that way, but it didnt help. I have simply no idea whatsoever to do at this moment
  24. Hello members, here in this corner of our little playground we can share our customs which fits the category of Reggae and Ska for testing. It doesn't matter if it is already released or just wip. Anyway we can help each other for fixing issues, improve tones, tabs or just interchange our thoughts about. I'm sure that we can learn of each other in various things and get and give good tips for charting. So let's get started. Who will bring the first cdlc for testing, I'm excitedly about that. so far, frippchen
  25. I'm searching for Pink Floyd's Sorrow CDLC. In the request list appears as completed but I can't find it in the database. Anyone has the link? thanks! \m/ \m/
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