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Found 10 results

  1. New here! I recently acquired Rocksmith, awesome game, can’t get my hands of it (literally), especially with CustomsForge. I have however been having some issues with the old NoCableLauncher so I’ve been working the last few days to improve the work Maxx53 has done and finally got it to a release state. My onboard soundcard allows me to play without any notice'able latency so I'll not be acquiring a hardware dongle or an extra audio card, the reason why I decided to improve the software is because I wanted to be able to chat on discord at the same time I'm playing without buying the dongle. It’s now time to share it with all of you, so you can find it here! Source code is also available on GitHub. Before you ask, this is exclusively for Steam! Getting Started Unpack the file "NoCableLauncher" to any folder. Open the file "NoCableLauncher". Run "NoCableLauncher" to play Rocksmith 2014 using your own audio interface! Note: If you want to edit the settings again you can simply open the file "NCL_EditSettings.bat". Onboard soundcard For those who, like me, don't have an extra audio capture device, there are two available options for single player mode: Disable devices and re-enable on game close All audio capture devices except the one used in game will be disabled when the game opens and re-enabled when the game closes. Note: This prevents you from using other capture devices, for example if you want to be in a call while you play. Prevent game from recognizing more devices All audio capture devices except the one used in-game will be disabled when the game opens. After the game is opened and in the main menu, press ALT-TAB to leave the game and press 'OK' on the message prompt, this will prevent the game from recognizing any other device and re-enable the disabled ones. This allows you to use your microphone or any other device outside the game (assuming the game is not in exclusive mode). If you are asking "How can I know this is safe?", the sourcecode is available, feel free to compile it yourself or even improve it! Download: HERE Source-code: GitHub Any bugs you find or problems you have let me know and I’ll gladly try to find a suitable solution, meanwhile, enjoy
  2. I bought a new Dell G5 PC (now about 2 months old) mainly for the purpose of porting leisure activities from my Mac, and a large part of that is RS. Problem is, it won't work: it doesn't seem to know that the cable is plugged in. I understand that this is often a power issue. I tried all the ports (legacy style and new, to the extent that they fit the cable USB end directly), no dice. Plugged in a StarTech USB powered hub (ST4240USB), no dice. Until I used a specific port, closest to the power adapter input. Great! Then, tried to play the other day, no hardware changes... no dice again. Tried all the USB hub ports, nope, nothing doing. So I'm supposing the hub is marginal and I need a better one? Happy to hear anything else I can try, or recommendations on a good hub. (I've heard that newer USB stuff is lower power but I don't know for sure. I'd rather buy new tech than obsolete, but... priority is getting this working). Thanks!
  3. Hi all, So I've been playing Rocksmith for a good few years now, but I just recently encountered an issue that I can't seem to resolve. The issue is deceptive in that it sounds simple but I think it's a lot more complicated than I'd like it to be. The realtone cable for my Rocksmith is apparently no longer being detected, which has led to both games no longer being playable. The cable is detected by Windows but does not produce any sound. My assumption is that there's something inside the cable itself that has been ripped apart by the years of use (I bought it back in 2016), which would require purchasing a new one (though I'd really rather not, considering they go for no less than £25). The reason why this confuses me is that, if Windows can pick up the USB, why does RS not just assume that the cable is there (even if it is ripped through on the inside)? Does having the current flow from the computer to the guitar make a difference there (for example, if it were working and I unplugged the jack from the guitar, would it state that the cable has not been detected there as well)? For sake of ease, I've attempted to reinstall drivers and tried different guitars to no avail. I'm assuming it's just the cable having entirely worn down, which means I'll just go out of my way to buy a new one, but I'd like to be 100% certain it isn't a software error first. One final question: if it is the cable, is there an easy way to check and be sure? Thanks in advance.
  4. Is there software to emulate the RS cable? I have my main PC where I prefer to build and another where I run the game. Dragging the cable back and forth is a pain. All I want to do is is test a custom file before I move if to my studio PC.
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/rocksmith/comments/5kmkqm/pcmac_players_help_betatest_two_fixes/ On Mac, CDLC and the "aggregate audio device named Rocksmith USB Adapter" still work :+1:
  6. Hi all, I recently got a guitar to PC cable that is not the Ubisoft one and wanted to use it I'm think I saw a thread about this but I can't find it is there a program I can download to get it to work. the cable iv got is this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/Professional-Guitar-Recording-Cable-Adaptor/dp/B00JVDJOJU any help would be awesome Thanks
  7. As I've read around there it seems that this cable has really low quality plug and it tends to get easily borken. As for me, is really annoying that buzz that sounds sometimes, and here's my prob, should I replace the plug (pay someone who knows to do this? Could the cable get unusable?
  8. hey guys, I have changed computers and am now using a gigabyte motherboard G.1 assassin. I was hoping to get great sounds from it. But since i have reinstalled rocksmith, nothing seems right anymore. The ingame audio is sounding weird \ weak and the game is muting the cable during songs (usually after 3 to 4 songs). the guitar gets back if unplug and plug the cable but this situation is getting me really frustrated with the game.. i have tried reinstalling the game, recalibrating everything but nothing is working so far... So.. could there be a problem with my cable? or is it maybe the usb Port? I have tried switching ports but the problem persists. Extra: i am also having trouble with my pedal. I am using a boss over drive and the background noise gets unbeareable if i dont reduce the gain to -2.0db, but i feel that i am killing the pedal by doing that. Thanks in advance for any help!
  9. Hey guys, Sorry to ask this if it's been addressed before. I just got an iRig HD, which lets you plug in a guitar/ bass into USB for PC. The quality of this is much better than the Realtone cable, which I also have, and I can also adjust manually the gain. Is there a way (such as a patch) I can use to use the iRig HD instead? Does anyone have any experience using other cables? Thanks in advance!
  10. Ok so I've been wanting this question answered but can't find it anywhere and hoping you all can help. I first got Rocksmith for XBOX 360 and when I couldn't fix the lag with my current audio settings I gave up and waited for Rocksmith 2014 edition on PC. Since I got the game I have been using the Real tone cable that came with the original Rocksmith for XBOX 360. My question is, is there an issue in using the XBOX 360 cable and if so should I invest in buying a new cable on Amazon that was meant for the PC edition? Any help or thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated. (:
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