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Found 7 results

  1. I've been playing now for 3 years now and i only have a cheap amp (Marshall mg 10cf) and my 3 guitars. (and rocksmiht of course duh). But something tells me that i might need to add something to these. Like pedals for example. I've kinda want to get a good overdrive pedal and a distortion one, but i'm not realy a gear geek sadly (don't know much about gears). I also have a feeling that it's not necessary yet, because i don't have a band to play with and that's the other thing that bothers me. I've already written down more than 20 riffs for song ideas and don't have people to share with them.
  2. I'm currently in the progress of creating a Ramblin' Man CDLC. I was very surprised to see that no-one had done this before, as it is a vital song to the Allman Brothers collection, and a rock classic. The Lead 1 Guitar is for the most part done, as well as the Vocals. Researched what gear Dickey used, and I've come somewhat close to the amp for the 1st and the 2nd solo. The Vocals match up great, but I've had to make adjustments, and some notes are cut very short as i only use 2 hours on it. As this is my first project, and I have little to none experience with EoF, creating this will be a learning process, and hopefully it will pay out in the end. Had some trouble with the BPM for the song, as nothing would match, only by lowering it dramatically. Manually went over every single note, with 100% volume, and 25% playback speed to make sure it is all where it's supposed to be. Can upload a version 0.4 here if asked upon. Other than that, i will release the CDLC with the Lead part to begin with, and upon release i will finish the Rhythm and Bass. Fun fact: I had no idea the song used FOUR guitars when i started this, so it only made it a lot tricker! Having some trouble with the Amplifier sounds, as to where it starts etc. So help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Prins Geryha.
  3. If you want to ear something new... Genuine italian band! m/ ASK ME TO DIE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSZxk4jYSwY YouTube Profile: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0r0QZIfjCvxKwy-P0Gp7XA Enjoy and suscribe! :D
  4. Wich band inspired you to play guitar or bass or other instrument? To me,mostly it was Green Day when i was about 12-13 years old.I listend Jesus of Suburbia so many times,and then i thought how awsome could be to play guitar like them, and even make a rock band but it was just a dream to me,just to learn to play the guitar and didn't even know Rocksmith.So yeah,to me Green Day inspired me also Billy Talent with their cool songs like Viking Death March,Fallen Leaves,Saint Veronika etc,but wich band or even music inspired you to play?
  5. Introduction: Was cleaning up some old documents and found these inlays, these were made waaaaay back where the inlay proces was still in the beginnings. Anyway it looks really easy now, the toolkit makes it into .psarc files and you can just put them in your CDLC folder. Then you can select them in game. All my inlays are always the band's logo on all the small frets and then a special/bigger logo or name at the 12th fret. You can check out examples at my youtube channel or at the preview album. Everything is free to use and edit, if you feel like supporting me and my work, you can donate at my paypal: https://www.paypal.me/MaartenVanGestel How to use Custom Inlays: 1. Download the _p.psarc file 2. Place the file in your usual CDLC folder, the one you also use for your CDLC songs 3. Start Rocksmith, go to inlay menu, select your Custom Inlay First 99 Inlays: The First 99 preview album at Imgur: http://imgur.com/a/W0A5S The First 99 download album at Mediafire with the packages for single downloads: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/64244yc4t5qwm/Inlays Or download a zip of the full collection (The First 99 inlays, only 7 MB) right here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/di78fc9vumf1585/PyroBillies_First_99_Inlays.zip/file (open the spoiler, the list would make the topic way to big otherwise, and take a look or use Ctrl+F to search for a specific band) Next 99 inlays: (59 atm) The Next 99 preview album at Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/OBEOd The First 99 download album at Mediafire with the packages for single downloads: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/z8trqt845wtlw/Next99Inlays Group downloads: (zip file with multiple inlays) Top 40 Most Requested artists in 2014 (40) - Taken from official infographic Top 40 Most Requested artists in 2014-2016 (14) (Only new ones) - Taken from official infographic Top 10 Most Played songs in RS2014 (10) - Taken from official infographic Top Custom Discographies (23) - The HOT Discographies of the Customsforge forum section, the ones with the most die-hard fans Game related inlays (24) - The most successful games ever TV related inlays (15) - The most iconic TV movies and shows ever Companies and brands (coming) Log: (17/01): Initial 17 inlays (17/01): 13 inlays added (2/03): 21 inlays added (5/03): 17 inlays added (15/03): 31 inlays added (first 99) (1/04): 26 inlays added (1/04): 18 inlays added (8/04): 19 inlays added (15/05): 15 inlays added
  6. Ok, so this post is slightly Rocksmith related - hope I've put it in the right place! Some of you may know that I have basically (no pun intended) learnt to play bass, pretty much using Rocksmith alone. I think I started January 2014, and with a lot of help from the Championship on here, and some excellent Charters, who keep this place going, made massive improvements. Well, about a year ago, I joined a covers band. It was a good learning experience, and with a few one to one music lessons, it managed to wean me away from Rocksmith, at least a little. Anyway, last December I was kind of headhunted by a "proper" band. After umming and ahing over Christmas (was I good enough?), I joined them in January. We were in the studio (!!!) in February recording four original songs, three of which my band leader is happy for me to publicise. https://www.facebook.com/286776021986582/videos/560453104472561/ https://www.facebook.com/286776021986582/videos/2330246770343011/ https://www.facebook.com/286776021986582/videos/2020774164895351/ (turn sound on!) So can Rocksmith teach you to play? Perhaps. ;) Keep on rocking, guys! *Disclaimer - they're not my lyrics, I just play the bass! :lol:
  7. Personaly i don't know. I don't have a band yet, but i'm still hoping to be in one. I kinda feel bad for my guitar teacher having his more then 30 year old band and don't have major succes and carrier like Metallica had (still has,lol). What do you think? Do you know someone particular or just heard of that? btw: here is one of their gig from 1992, he is the solo guitrarist ( not the one who has the flying v :D ) Their band is called "Algernon"
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