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Found 4 results

  1. I can't seem to get my sections to appear in Riff Repeater, this is what it looks like in Rocksmith http://i1380.photobucket.com/albums/ah181/danielmsmith96/MissingSections_zpsd4427af8.jpgAs you can see it all appears as one section (But Phrases appear fine). Before anyone tells me to check out the tutorials, I already did. Plus I included RR in my previous 34 CDLCs, and never encountered this error before. In EoF I always make my Sections, then I use DDC to generate all of the phrases this always works for me. But for some odd reason the sections just don't want to appear. I figured I should post it here and see if anyone ever had this problem. Also, here is evidence that I did include Sections in EoF. http://i1380.photobucket.com/albums/ah181/danielmsmith96/EOFEvents_zps0a8d9d55.jpgI would appreciate any help.
  2. Dynamic Difficulty is rarely well responsive in cDLC on phrase levels. When a phrase is leveled op or down, identical notes in other phrases don't level. This happens because most of us don't define phrases, Phrases are sub-elements of sections, they subdivide a section. A phrase should not cross two sections, it should not start before or end after a section. To avoid problems, usually the whole song is divided in sections (more or less respecting its note structure) and we check "also add as phrase" 1 section = 1 phrase, while a section can have multiple phrases. We leave the task to define more phrases to the DD creator. It is easy to define phrases by using EOF "Catalog" in song menu, which is the most underrated feature because it seems always deactivated. Catalog gets activated when 2 notes at least are selected. It groups and names ranges of notes and finds all identicals. Catalog note blocs can be displayed (Q), and played below the main "Piano roll". Catalog note blocs can be named freely, and their name can be used as phrases "LeadScale1", "BassScale2" ... Instead of starting with a global song view (using Lyrics to structure), start with the 1st repeating pattern of notes. Procedure would be : 1. Select the first repeating set of notes and define its name in Catalog. (it must start on a main beat called measure, to make it a start position for a phrase) 2. Give the same catalog name to the phrase (shift+P) at the 1st beat of the selected notes. 3. Use the catalog feature to search (F3) for identicals (sets current position on it's first note) (or shift+F3 to jump to previous identical) 4. Give all found set of notes the same starting phrase/catalog name. 5. Repeat procedure for next set of notes 6, Check for unrepeated rest of notes following defined phrases (solo, intro, outro ...) 7. Gather phrases into a section, without checking the "also add as phrases". This may need to be done for all parts lead, rhythm,bass, selecting "specific to PART_..." when adding a phrase. Catalog is not related to Phrases, it only helps to create them. This means you can give same phrase names, even if single notes, ending notes are different. This way Dynamic Difficulty works correctly. Success/fail on one phrase level adjusts all levels of the same phrase name (like in official songs) It may take more time, depending on the song, until one gets used to. And it helps analyzing song structures. Example : In a 1st section called "intro", 4 phrases are freely called "Scale1" and another called "Scale2" http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/0d08/puniaho9c981301bg.jpg?size_id=6 In a 4th section called "postvs", 1 phrase only among 2 others is called "Scale1" http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/f79b/w5235ha5t7lj69dbg.jpg?size_id=6 I let the files go through the DD creator (with 6 phrases set) and it kept my number of phrases. http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/b167/25dmq383jhocdg2bg.jpg?size_id=4 Now, when I increase the level in the section intro (it's not possible to increase the level of a phrase separately), the phrase "scale1" in the 4th section "Riff" is automatically increased, without being selected and only this phrase. Check XML level of the events The XML of EOF : Phrase names get replaced by a phrase ID (position depending) <phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="0" name="Riff1" solo="0"/> <phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="0" name="Riff2" solo="0"/> <phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="0" name="Riff3" solo="0"/> phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="0" name="Scale1" solo="0"/> <phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="0" name="Scale3" solo="0"/> <phraseIteration time="5.976" phraseId="4"/> <phraseIteration time="9.910" phraseId="4"/> <phraseIteration time="13.845" phraseId="4"/> <phraseIteration time="17.779" phraseId="4"/> <phraseIteration time="42.369" phraseId="3"/> <phraseIteration time="46.304" phraseId="4"/> <phraseIteration time="49.255" phraseId="5"/> All phrases Scale1 get the Id=4 The XML of DD Creator : Phrase names of EOF get lost and replaced by another name and phrase ID <phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="3" name="p1" solo="0"/> <phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="3" name="p2" solo="0"/> <phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="3" name="p3" solo="0"/> <phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="2" name="p4" solo="0"/> <phrase disparity="0" ignore="0" maxDifficulty="2" name="p5" solo="0"/> <phraseIteration time="5.976" phraseId="2" variation=""> <phraseIteration time="9.910" phraseId="3" variation=""> <phraseIteration time="13.845" phraseId="3" variation=""> <phraseIteration time="17.779" phraseId="4" variation=""> <phraseIteration time="40.402" phraseId="8" variation=""> <phraseIteration time="42.369" phraseId="9" variation=""> <phraseIteration time="46.304" phraseId="4" variation=""> <phraseIteration time="49.255" phraseId="10" variation=""> Only the previous identical section seems to get a common ID. Maybe the DDcreator's can explain this. I hope to contribute to go beyond the "lazy Section=Phrase" option, to make cDLC closer to official quality and make Riff Repeator and Dynamic Difficulty work as they should, considering most users are probably beginners or enter intermediate level.
  3. This may seem like a stupid a question but, how do you view display the sections that you have created in EOF? I have created a bunch but can't see where they start and end. I am sure there is a key press to see them but I have no idea what it is. - Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. I've been working tirelessly on this 6 String Bass CDLC and I finally got it to the point where its working with a six string bass everything is perfect and now for some strange reason riff repeater isn't working whenever i select a phrase to riff repeat it just stops, hangs there for a second and then rewinds as if I completed the section and its about to start it over, but it never actually had me play anything. It simply sits there. The game isn't frozen I can restart or exit the song and it starts behaving normally again its just the riff repeater. I have made many CDLCs (look at my signature link) before and never encountered this issue and even though, I am fairly experienced with the process, I even looked up tutorials to make sure I was creating my sections and phrases correctly. To my knowledge I'm not doing anything wrong there. I've now repacked this damn CDLC 7 or 8 times trying different things. Nothing seems to work. Any suggestions? Here is the CDLC if you want to look at it yourself. Thanks for any advice!
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