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  1. Am I missing something or can you not download any songs that already have paid for dlc? I see them on the Search with all the other songs, but there is no download button? Any help would be great thanks!
  2. Hi, I downloaded some DLCs to play on my PS3, but I found that they are for PC. I would like to know if there is any way to convert from one platform to another, or if there is compatibility between them. (Note: these are original DLCs, not CDLCs)
  3. I was looking at the FUSE preview and it looks awesome. I thought it might be cool to have a progress bar for the request area, where the song that are "in progress" would show from red to green or from 5%, then 10%, then 50% until it was finished. I guess it might be controlled by creators who clicked in updates to how far they are along. Something that would get people excited and awaiting the track being almost done. Just thought that might be cool. Unless that is one of the features that has not been shown.
  4. Hey Customforge Community, Im new here and was wondering if someone could answer my questions :) I got Rocksmith 2014 for my Playstation Super Slim (250 GB Version 4.55) a few weeks ago and I think its an awesome tool to learn guitar. Just the songs that are avaible are not that much what I want to play. (besides Slayer Iron Maiden, and System of a Down) Here my question towards downloadable custom songs here. 1. After downloading the PS3 version of the songs do I need to convert them or are they good to go ? 2. How do I bring the songs over to my PS 3 3. Would a PS3 Super Slim accept the custom songs (DLCs) ? Thanks for the help
  5. If you wasn't there for Ubisoft steam on Thursday you can still check it out on youtube : The interview with Brendon Small, the man behind Dethklok start at the 45 minutes mark. You can still check out this DLC pack at out partner : TheRiffRepeater.com And do forget to check the other Dethklok songs available on Customs Forge : Dethklok "Deththeme" – C Standard – Released by: @@Zenithkicker (LRB w/ DD)Dethklok "Murmaider" – C Standard – Released by: @@Zenithkicker (LRB w/ DD)Dethklok "Bloodlines" – C Standard – Released by: @@Ifrit1332 (LRBV)With 19 more songs in our database.
  6. Boston is the released official DLC today. I was never that into Boston, but appreciate their music. I bet some of you Boston fans out there will be pumped! Boston Song Pack – $7.99 Boston “Don’t Look Back” - [XBL]Boston “Foreplay/Long Time” - [XBL]Boston “Hitch a Ride” - [XBL]
  7. Hello there, For official DLC that is unpacked from the toolkit there is an XML file exported.... however the Toolkit does not recognise this XML file. Is there any way to either: 1) convert this XML file to a format that the Toolkit accepts or, 2) export a guitar pro tab from this XML file? I know some will wonder why and the answer is that I would really like to have the songs I want to learn all in standard tuning. Particularly those that are slightly offset tunings. (I've got as far as having everything I need except for a valid XML file to finish the packages) So far I have tried the RocksmithToTab softtware but this is not working for me. I've also tried using the song manager to export XML and am getting an error message. I'd really appreciate any options I have here apart from giving up :)
  8. I've been playing Rocksmith on an old Xbox 360 for years but lately it's been reporting a lot of false errors, mostly when I'm playing chords - even if the chord doesn't change and I'm just strumming, it says I'm making errors. The problem has been getting worse as time goes by, as has the audio lag. I tried the Mac version from Steam and the experience is way better - it only tells me I've made a mistake when I've actually made a mistake! So I've decided to junk the Xbox (Rocksmith was the only thing I used it for) but don't want to lose all the DLC songs I've already paid for. To try to recover the songs, I removed the hard drive from the Xbox and plugged it into a spare SATA port and power supply on my PC (not my Mac). I then downloaded FATXplorer (https://fatxplorer.eaton-works.com/download/) which can read the Xbox's FAT format, and which lists all the songs I bought, amongst other things. I'm now able to extract the songs and copy them to my Mac, where I've been trying to convert them to Mac format, but nothing I've tried works. Is this possible to do? Any help would be appreciated and I can upload a sample extracted song, if required.
  9. Bom dia , Preciso muito da ajuda de vocês. Bom tenho algumas DLC do Rocksmith 2012 e quero muito saber como faço para converte-las para o rocksmith 2014 . Desde já agradeço ---------- Good morning, I really need your help . Well I have some DLC Rocksmith 2012 and I really want to know how do I convert them for Rocksmith 2014 . Thank you very much in advance. Google translator
  10. Hi there, I'm a bass player that makes playthorugh videos, the thing is that I think that the way to promote your videos here is not good enough, the only way that your video can be viewed is if a user that creates CDLC, post your video as a playthrough in their pages, also you can't post any playthorugh of an official DLC here, so what is the best way to promote the videos?, do you agree with me? Please let me know
  11. Are any of you ready for some heavy down tuning to C Standard with the next week 3 pack DLC of Dethklok? The pack will consist of Awaken, Go Into the Water and Thunderhorse!
  12. Lets see what your DLC folder looks like, here is mine XD http://imgur.com/HmFbejT http://imgur.com/KzJhsHd Anyone else have one as bad or worst then mine? I think I have too many and my game crashes
  13. I wonder if there is any way I could play some dlc xbox in rocksmith2014 one?
  14. So it's going to be The Doors coming out today! The Doors “Light My Fire” (E Standard: A425) – [XBL]The Doors “Riders on the Storm” (No Rhythm) – [XBL]The Doors “Roadhouse Blues” (No Rhythm) – [XBL]What do you guys think? I'm looking forward to playing these :)
  15. Alright Customsforge. You're a great community that always gave me help and a lot of DLC to practice. I want to give something in return. We all know that running CDLCs on PS 3 is a bit of a hazel and its easier to play them on PC. No videos out there explain it properly on how to do them. Yet I found out how to make them run on PS3 that works legit . (But you need a Jailbroken PS3!!!!) Just wanted to know out of curiosty how many would like me to make a Video on how to run CDLC on PS3 ? Greetz xXFROSTXx
  16. Hey Guys, I love playing Rocksmith 2014 and I want to add CDLC. Just I have a problem that keeps bugging me since a few days, I have a jailbroken PS 3 (CFW: Rebug 4.46 REX) and still dont know how to add to instal CDLC to my ps3. A tutorial here in the forum said PS3: Install files: "_ps3.psarc.edat" to "/dev_hdd0/game/BLUS31182/USRDIR/DLC", if the folder DLC does not exist, just create it I know that "_ps3.psarc.edat" is the cdlc itself for ps3 but how can I find the "/dev_hdd0/game/BLUS31182/USRDIR/DLC" folder on my ps3 ? or does anybody else have an Idea how to do it ? Im a total noob when it comes to stuff like this I would need a step by step help Thanks already :)
  17. So the DLC released today is AFI. I personally was never into them, but will play a few of these. What does everyone else think? AFI Song Pack – $9.99 AFI “Girl’s Not Grey” (Eb Standard)AFI “Miss Murder” (Eb Standard)AFI “Silver and Cold” (Eb Standard)AFI “Totalimmortal” (No Rhythm)
  18. All That Remains Song Pack – $7.99 / Steam All That Remains “Six” – D Standard – [XBL] / SteamAll That Remains “This Calling” – D Standard – [XBL] / SteamAll That Remains “Two Weeks” – C# Standard – [XBL] / Steam Read more at our partner website : The Riff Repeater Disappointed they didn't include the song you wanted? Isn't that what CustomsForge is here for?! CustomsForge Community Spotlight (CDLC Highlights): All That Remains "Not Alone" – D Standard – Released by: @@Izzy2014 (LRB w/ DD)All That Remains "The Weak Willed" – D Standard – Released by: @@randomhero (LRBV w/ DD)All That Remains "This Darkened Heart" – D Standard – Released by: @@randomhero (LRBV w/ DD)With 7 more songs in our database.
  19. (PC) Hello! I have about 21 DLC's now (All bought over multiples sales) and I recently discovered this amazing website! My question is, what is the best time / platform / website to purchase Rocksmith 2014 DLC on sale? Normally I see on steam songs being sold 2-3+$ (CAD), but I still desire to buy quite a few more songs, and that $ adds up quick. Thanks in advance! -Klean
  20. Axemainia


    A bit of a throwaway question that was asked of me, which I honestly wouldn't know where to answer. Is it possible or feasible to download all DLC from here?, is there some option to select all and download? or a mega huge monster file that would run in terabytes that contain the Entire Catalogue of Custom DLC's?
  21. This week backtrack talk about the major pentatonic scale and his relative minor and how it is used in I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness. Go check it out on Ubisoft forums : I Believe in a Thing Called Love Read some more information on that Rocksmith 1 DLC at The Riff Repeater
  22. Love Singles Song Pack – $7.99 Bill Withers “Lovely Day” – [XBL] / SteamThe Cure “Friday I’m In Love” – E Standard: A456 [Lead/Rhythm] / Drop D: A456 [bass] – [XBL] / SteamSteve Vai “For The Love of God” – [XBL] / Steam Read more at our partner website: The Riff Repeater
  23. This week backtrack honor the great guitarist that was BB King with that Rocksmith 1 DLC that his "The Thrill Is Gone" Go check it out : The Thrill Is Gone Backtrack Read some more information on that Rocksmith 1 DLC at The Riff Repeater
  24. I've tried using the DLC 'store' in both Chrome and Microsoft Edge, but in both browsers, I'm experiencing an issue where I can't just type a word because it's erasing some of my characters as I'm typing. I think this has to do with it's attempting to load results as I'm typing more of the term. For example, if I try to type, "Breaking Benjamin" without stopping It'll end up with something like Bakn Bejain because it's not "remembering" some of my key strokes.
  25. Regal Singles Song Pack – $11.99 / Steam Queen – “Another One Bites the Dust” – [XBL] / SteamQueensrÿche – “Silent Lucidity” – Drop D [bass] – [XBL] / SteamStevie Wonder – “Sir Duke” – Eb Standard [Alt. Bass] – [XBL] / SteamThe Subways – “Rock & Roll Queen” – Eb Standard – [XBL] / SteamToadies – “Possum Kingdom” – [XBL] / Steam
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