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    The Killers Wonderful Wonderful Bass tab Please Thanksomuch! :kiss: :kiss:
  2. Followed the advice about turning off notifications. Found out how here: https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/how-to-turn-off-notifications-in-windows-10/ Also, when I clicked on the notifications icon in the lower right, as the directions say, there was a notification in there that said something about turning off notifications when i'm gaming. I did that in addition to following the directions in the link and I was able to play w/o the crash to the desktop. Therefore, not sure which thing that I did was the one that helped.
  3. I am also suddenly and for the first time having this issue. Has to be a Microsoft update that caused it, because I have changed NOTHING, and MS sneaks in at night an messes with my computer.
  4. I was having a heck of a time getting my cdlc to work and getting very depressed. I thought I followed all the directions perfectly, uninstall RS, remove my dlc, get the new .dll, ensure it was in the root, return the dlc, etc... And I kept giving a knod to the warning, "make sure you own Cherub Rock"....well that's important, because I assumed I did own it because everything was working before and, of course, was set to CR...but DUHFREAKINDUH...I did not own it, once I finally checked. So, bought CR, started from steam and vio-la all is well in rockville...learn from my stupidity brothas and sistas ROCK ON! --Duke
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