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  1. 1. I purchased on remastered Steam Rocksmith 2014 Edition 2. I downloaded D3DX9_42.dll and copied it to C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Rocksmith2014 3. I purchased and installed it on Steam cherubrock (as indicated in the guide) and in the dlc folder I now also have: cherubrock_m.psarc cherubrock_p.psarc 4. downloaded from customforge the file: Dream-Theater_The-Best-of-Times-only_v1.0_p.psarc 5. I restarted the pc 6. I launched Rocksmith from the Steam icon on the desktop. PROBLEM: When I go to the song (The best of times) I see only the crates and the game does not e
  2. You don't need Cherub Rock to be able to play CDLC. If you already bought a song, then that's good. If you haven't, then go get Cherub Rock, save yourself some time. Anyway, there is a program in which you change the ID of CDLC. It is called Rocksmith Toolkit GUI. You can get it here: http://www.rscustom.net/. 1. Download the file. 2. Open it. 3. Click on RocksmithToolkitGUI. 4. Once you have opened the program, go to the 2nd tab on the top (from left to right). 5. You'll see that there is an option to choose a song. Choose a song which you have bought, then click on 'Choose DLC'. Choose a
  3. Hi guys, Maybe it is mentioned before, but I could not find anything about it. Therefore I started this topic. Let's cut through the chase and jump right in... :D I (and I hope a lot of other users) would love to see a genre-filter in the CDLC Ignation search. This way we can look for the genres you love and maybe discover some great songs and bands you otherwise missed scrolling by. That would be a shame, right? Let's say you like garage rock, go on Ignation, set a filter to "garage rock" and BAM!..A list of garage rock songs. Of course it would be handy to add some extra filter options, a
  4. I'm having an issue where open notes and the beat markers don't show up on the CDLC that I've made for myself and I have no idea what the issue is. I've watched a few different tutorials on how to make CDLC and I don't *think* I'm doing anything wrong. Here is what I'm talking about: https://prnt.sc/g5k5y5 There should be an open E after those two notes. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hello, I have decided to try my hand at making CDLCs today after enjoying hundreds of other people's CDLCs. My first song is Green Day's Before the Lobotomy since it hasn't been done yet, even though it's an awesome song. I think I have the timing all correct but my notes look really funky, see imgur links below. Do any of you guys know how to fix this? Sorry if this has been asked before I am new and searching the forums wasn't getting anything like this. Opening Lead: http://imgur.com/u1c6Sns Rhythm: http://imgur.com/sGzPgrK Thank you for your help!!
  6. Hello, I sat recently to make another DLC after a long time. (had fresh window install etc) and now after i done one, when i play it at rocksmith i got problem with it. Everything works fine besides it does not show open notes. It is like no notes are there but when i do not play it, rocksmith shows that i miss. Any1 had such problem? Any idea how to fix it? EDIT: ok rpoblem is more serious it is not only open string that isnt shown. I attached few printscreen mby you can help with it https://snag.gy/f8UFgd.jpg https://snag.gy/h8w9GI.jpg https://snag.gy/sRxKED.jpg in the last printscreen in g
  7. I own cherub rock The songs do appear on the "learn a new song" but it the strings or the notes, just the amps I have the updated .dll for the remastered version of rocksmith 2014 I'm new at this and i need your help
  8. Lets get a System Of A Down discography thread going! Everyone loves system, so let's collect their works a try to get everything by them up and going! Legend: Red = in progress Green = completed White = not in progress or completed Blue = hosted on a different site System Of A Down: Suite-Pee - Pandemic Know - ribworm Sugar - Alex360 Suggestions - Pandemic Spiders - ribworm DDevil Soil War? - Pandemic Mind Peephole - ribworm CUBErt - me Darts P.L.U.C.K Toxicity: Prison Song - goldenpiggy Needles - Alex360 Deer Dance Jet Pilot X - Pandemic Chop Suey! - ziuber18 Bounce Forest - viper83 A
  9. MattABM


    I do not know where to post this, but could anyone please make a bass CDLC for Go Robot by the Red Hot Chili Peppers??
  10. Hey Rockers So I'm working on an arctic monkeys track Fright Lined Dining Room and I've got most of the setup pretty well but i am having trouble with a section in regards to amps. You can listen to the bit here at around 1:58 to the end its got quite a dirty amp with distortion and from 2:13 i believe thats a dirty distortion on the bass as well. Now im having a bit of trouble getting close to that sound,is there anyone who knows what setup would be perfect of this bit? Much thanks Many appreciate
  11. So i currently have just over 100 hours in rocksmith in the year that i've owned rocksmith ( aside from playing guitar without it ) and i had a thought the other day as to improving my overall quality in the art of guitar-ing. Could it be that the guitar playing in the original song be masking the awfulness of my playing? quite possibly... yes i know you could always turn down the song volume in the mixer but then you can't really hear the song and you rely on the visuals to get your timing to the song since you cant hear a hella lot over your playing. That got me thinking, what if instead w
  12. Ok, so I am on a Mac and everything is up to date and all CDLC have been converted with the newest toolkit. I start Rocksmith 2014 with steam as I always do and there are most all of the CDLC's that I just updated. Well then the next day I start Rocksmith 2014, and the CDLC's that were there the day before are now gone. A week later I might start Rocksmith 2014 and some of them are back. I can open Rocksmith and then close it and reopen it and things sometimes will show back up and sometimes they don't. How is this happening, and is there any way to fix this? I have gone thru every post I
  13. Hi everyoone! I've made a CDLC containing bass parts imported from GP5 file. I've made many tweaks to make notes in sync, But when I imported lead guitar part from the same GP5 bass part was ruined. Is this OK or I'm doing something wrong?
  14. Hey fellow fellows I just want to know something from other creators here. Lately I've been making songs i quite like only problem though is once I've made the songs i play them like twice and never again while other songs I've downloaded from other creators i have play counts over 50. When i think about it i feel like the fact that i made the cdlc takes away a bit of the magic of playing a song. Is it just me or do you fellow CDLC creators also lose interest in your own creations?
  15. So like I mentioned in the title, my CDLCs just don't show up. I own 3 bought DLCs and I have the D3DX9 file in my rocksmith folder. I also started the game with steam and it doesen't work as well. My Icon on my desktop has also changed, it isn't anymore the Pick with the 'R' on it, it is now a globe. Does anybody know what the problem is? Thanks
  16. I've downloaded the .dll file from http://customsforge.com/topic/33138-rocksmith-remastered-cdlc-fix/I've tried to redownload songs I've reinstalled my gameI have the Cherub Rock DLCYet I still can't get CDLC to work. Does anyone have a solution?
  17. I've look all over and can't find tabs for this song I'd like to create CDLC for. Here's a link to the song if it helps: If anyone has an idea where I can find tabs or preferably a Guitar Pro file for this song I'll make it as soon as I can. It's a great song if you've never heard it. Thanks! Joe
  18. I'm having an issue with trying to generate CDLC for Rocksmith 2014 and it's been really puzzling me. http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk196/MetalGearfan024/ScreenHunter_01%20May.%2002%2005.54.jpg I currently have the latest version of Wwise which is 2016.2.3.6077 and am wondering if this could be the issue, or is there something else that is flying over my head that I don't know about? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  19. Is there a way that I can put cdlc onto my Xbox 360 to play dethklok, but I don't wanna do the Xbox equivalent to a jailbreak to it. I would be able to just plug in a USB stick with the files on it to my system, but I'm new here, so i havent tried anything yet.
  20. So i mentioned this a while back about the request / complete thing going on with it not being updated. Thing is, alot of the problem is the people posting the requests. It doesnt take that much of an effort for someone to see a song has already been made by a quick search rather than requesting it to be made. I'm not expecting any sort of fix for this, just thought i'd bring it to attention and see if anyone else feels a bit annoyed by people asking before looking.
  21. So yesterday I posted this song and I noticed that whenever I clicked on the record shown on Igniton nothing would show up. At first I thought the problem was related to my account, but now I have asked a friend of mine to try getting to the song page through Ignition and he had the same problem.
  22. http://imgur.com/a/AYEIq Left part is Acoustic, right part is with distortion, by importing 1 by 1 one of them erases. How can I import and fuse both together?
  23. Hey guys. I'm experiencing a problem with some of the cdlc I'm trying to play. I can load up the song normally fine but dependant on the cdlc, the screen only shows something like fret 1 to 7 (for example) and doesn't move with the rest of the track. Other cases I have it all the way up at 12 to 21 etc.. meaning I can see when and what I'm supposed to be playing.. :/ Any way to fix this? (It's not happening to my cdlc, it's happening to other cdlc I've downloaded) it is such a shame because it's happening on my favourite songs. :/ - Thanks.
  24. I'm having some trouble with finding out what tones are what in RS custom toolkit. I really want to make more customs, but i suck at making tones, i dont know how to choose what time they switch at or even how to make them in general. Could i get some help?
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