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  1. Since we are having a lot of customs that are only bass or guitar only, don't suppose we can make seperate folders for these?
  2. I have a 82 strat squier which I stripped and painted a tinted green nitro cellulose with enhanced grain. Love the way it turned out. The other is a 94 Les Paul Epiphone model.
  3. I have a second. Although it is a individual, Jude Cole. He put out a few songs that charted but his albums are some of the few I can listen to beginning to end. Think later on he toured with Jewel and a few other musicians.
  4. Cheap Trick. They did have a heyday a time before but they put out amazing music far better then higher rated bands. And they are still rocking. Though it's obvious Robins voice can't hit the notes he once could.
  5. Division Bell was good. Momentary Lapse of Reason was an excellent album. I thought that Waters and Gilmour overcame their rift?
  6. Rock band also had an import fee. They stated it was required for the cost of licensing of the songs to be used in the sequel game. There was even a few songs that were excluded I guess to being turned down to allow the import. I would guess the import fee for rocksmith is the same. It's a pain but guess it is what it is.
  7. My Steam Id is Beatlejuice6687 and origin is Beatlejuice66. I was a console gamer for a long time when I couldn't afford a new mac. I was even a beta for xbox live. After getting screwed by Apple on a faulty imac I switched over to a pc and dropped the consoles for PC gaming due to paying for online multiplayer. I Am currently into borderlands 2, battlefield 4, ghost recon online, and silent Hunter 5. I have a ton of other games. Too many to mention. I sometimes play the mass effect series, Titanfall, AC series, Arma 3, Sicily and Diablo 2 or 3. The second is far superior but the graphics are obviously dated. I used to love playing splinter cell but the online community got too many hackers in it. I often get the online games due to it being what I primarily play.
  8. Thank you. I will see what I can do. I will follow along with the guides for EoF and try to make a custom.
  9. I had a Songster download that was a guitar pro 3 file. EoF almost always crashed when I tried to import from that file. Tried downloading again and same thing. Does EoF prefer a certain version of guitar pro file?
  10. Spirit of Radio Rush 49 Time Pink Floyd 37 Peace of mind Boston 19
  11. Rocksmith is the only thing ubisoft does that they don't ruin. It is the only ubisoft product I support and will buy from now on.
  12. I've been looking for the Beatles Never Give Me Your Money. I am a novice with EoF but have been making attempts to do this song. Do you possibly have that tab?
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