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  1. I take that back. It takes a long time the first time and then works fine. ;)
  2. Sorry but I was not able to run the MAC version. What is VM ver.? Does the MAC version work natively on the MAC?
  3. Are you using the stable toolkit or are you using Beta? Try the non-Beta version of toolkit. Some custom songs poison the game. You may have to go by one-by-one and pull each one out to find the bad one.
  4. I have a wall of errors if I use any toolkit above 2385a722232d.
  5. I found a terminal script at the Mono site and uninstalled Mono. I installed the fixed 3.10 version of Mono but the Mac Toolkit still gives me a huge wall of errors. Tried with the Wineskin version (to use without Mono) and I also get the errors.
  6. I don't think that the pocket pod can record songs. Do you mean that you want to extract the Amps/Effects from the songs to use on the pocket pod?
  7. I reinstalled Mavericks and could not get the MacTool Kit to work with Mono. I used your Wine Version and had success with converting. It even converted some songs that I did not have success with when I tried the old Mono version in the past! CDLC 2 Tab worked fine. I'll check the other parts of the toolkit and give you more feedback later.
  8. I played your Third Eye Blind - Semi Charmed Life. It seems that you have Rhythm and Lead switched.
  9. Is there a Mac version to do this as well? (converting PC to MAC).Yes there is a Mac Version of the toolkit. Not sure about the differences but I know you can convert pc cdlc to work with a Mac. Yes the toolkit will convert one file at a time. I would like to convert multiple MAC files all at once. The PC toolkit used to allow selecting multiple files to convert at one time. Not sure how the MAC toolkit can be changed to be able to select multiple files.
  10. Is there a Mac version to do this as well? (converting PC to MAC).
  11. I'm having the same problem but the RSInjector worked before. Now it works randomly. Was there a recent Rocksmith 2014 update that perhaps affected the RSInjector?
  12. Does the Inlay Creator work on the MAC toolkit? When loading a template on the MAC toolkit, I get the error that the template can't be loaded, maybe does not exist, or is corrupted.
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