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  1. Getting back into the groove. Many new and exciting songs to come!

    1. Liquidlizard


      Cage The Elephant - 6/17!

  2. I had this same problem. I don't remember how I fixed it though. I'll think though. I might have even downloaded it from a third party site...
  3. I'm a big fan of Alabama and Alan Jackson. I'd love to play their music too, but unfortunately, like Attitude mentioned, there are hardly any Country GP tabs out there.
  4. If you have a song request, send me a PM, and I'll try to make it for you. I'll also try to answer any questions too.

  5. To make things super easy and quick for me... I usually find a tab off of UltimateGuitar (1st Choice) or Songsterr (2nd Choice). Bass charting should be very simple. Usually, if you line the bass tab up in EoF, the guitar parts should be pretty spot on. What I usually use to map out the song's BPM's in a program called Sonic Visualizer (there should be a tutorial somewhere on this site on using that). I will then put it into EoF, add the Leading Silence (5000 milliseconds), and then add the tab. Sometimes the Sonic Visualiser ends up giving you double the bpm you need, thus being useless for you, or it'll be precise. If it's precise, then following these steps, your tab should be all synced up. When looking for a tone, import the tone from another dlc (using the import function at the bottom of the Rocksmith Toolkit in the Tones section) with a similar sounding tone. Just a little of advice on how I complete mine. Practice (and time) makes perfect, and there are many guides and tutorials here on this site that will greatly help you out. If you have any questions, first look for a forum/post, and if you can't find it, you can ask me, and I'll try to help you out.
  6. I have problems like that all the time. I think the main reason why I still put bass tabs in is because its an easy way to sync up a song. But sometimes there is that chance that the bass section is actually on point. There's just those chances, but your argument is valid.
  7. I heard that someone had a similar problem. They fixed it by running Steam or RS14 as Administrator.
  8. I'm Pre-Installing it right now :)
  9. Best of luck to you my friend! Baker can play you some songs every day while you recover :)
  10. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

  11. Waaaaaait... Stepping down to a 'member' status... or leaving...? Hope to see you around, Asmo. You've done some great work around here and it won't be the same without you.
  12. Will the people whose cdlc's were nominated be notified?
  13. I'm back!

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    2. Liquidlizard


      Just graduated 68W a few hours ago :)

    3. manchot66


      Congrats, dude!

    4. Liquidlizard


      Thanks, bro! Should be getting back into the customs again :)


  14. I'll be away for approximately 9+ weeks.

  15. Bands that never really hit the radio or mainstream, but should have. A band that you think should have received more attention. But bands that you think were better than what other people think could also fit in as well.
  16. I feel like this is something that most people here could put their two cents in, and since I couldn't find a topic about this, I shall ask the question: What, in your opinion, is the most underrated band(s)? Personally for me, I would have to go with: - The Cult - Tesla - Shooting Star I even searched Google for 'Most Underrated Bands Of the 80's', and the top 3 sites included 'The Cult'.
  17. Prayers sent and luck wished bro. Hope all works out for you. Like dblbogey1 said - Just let us know if you need anything.
  18. It'd be really nice if Rocksmith had Multiplayer... LAN/Online
  19. I'll get to 100 in the next few days, have no fear! Unfortunately, the last 5 or so songs I have left will be the last that you will see from me.

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    2. Liquidlizard


      Thanks guys, I appreciate all the help I've been given by you and everyone else!

    3. spellbound


      Good luck with that next venture bro.....be safe mate....thank you for everything you have done here.....and heres to hoping you eventually find your way back here to us at Customsforge.....will miss you when you leave here Man.....best of luck to you..cheers


    4. Liquidlizard


      Thanks bro :) I'll try to wander my way back here somehow.

  20. Angelic Dust - Aria or Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin. Can't remember which came first.
  21. I'll be releasing songs until the end of the month of July. 100 songs will be uploaded by August 1st.

  22. Feel free to message me anytime with any requests or comment below! I always check my Workshop comments and polls! I'll try to get out 'Boom Boom' and some April Wine soon. I promise :)

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