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  1. please help! I tried to install the new .dll and when I go to download the file from mediafire, googledrive, and dropbox I get an error. It downloads but I cant open the file or do anything with it. I use steam if that matters. What are the steps exactly once I click on the link to download?
  2. Good advice, thank you. If I get a free chance today I will start downloading the program's needed. i think I can do it!
  3. Hi, I am totally digging this cdlc and I'd like to possibly get into some bass charting. I've watched the tutorial videos several times already and find it interesting. So first off, can I use ANY tab or does it have to have music sound already attached to it like songster or ultimate guitar pro. Second, does any charter have any advice for someone just starting out? Is there a super simple song I can get my feet wet with? Any advice is SOOO welcomed. Is there a way...short of playing it with the song...to identify beforehand how accurate the tab is? I'm thinking maybe trying last kis
  4. Thank you for the time you put into making the songs. As a vet guitar player changing to bass literally 2 weeks ago I'm really going to miss your bass tabs. I look to rocksmith to teach me the songs or at a min, get me the root notes so I can jam in real life. Honestly people will complain to just complain. I learned maroon 5s she be loved and smashing pumpkins today the ubisoft way only to have my guitarist play it in a different key and not want to learn it my way. So even ubi catches grief from people not wanting to be open to different ways of playing something, ie my guitarist. Th
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