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  1. I have line 6 spider jam amp and pedal I use splitter one to amp one to rocksmith and put audio to 0 guitar or bass on rocksmith use amp for guitar sound and pedal changing sounds great hope this helps
  2. I had problem with my cable today go here https://support.ubi.com/en-us/Faqs/000019027/Reinstalling-the-Real-Tone-Cable-PC-RS did what it say to do works now
  3. One of my first guitars it was needing a new look so I Hydro dipped it for first time I came out good learn on the way so here a video of how I did it and how it came out Tell me what you think
  4. go to this link read and download http://customsforge.com/topic/901-how-to-use-custom-dlcs-in-rs2014/
  5. I need some bass players to test out custom songs give me feedback on the tones and how it plays Don't have to be able to make customs just looking for bass players that can give me feedback on songs here and there take a day or two and play it and give feedback that is all I need if you would like to try it leave message here I will PM you links But I need feedback on song not just it sounds great so if you play bass and gone some time here and there leave me message here Thanks Crossbolt
  6. dll file goes in your rocksmith folder so where you installed rocksmith on your computer is the root folder
  7. playing two string trying to make only one bend 10 13 here's what being played only what the bend on 13 not both strings how do you make strings strummed and only bend one here's picture of how I have it http://i1292.photobucket.com/albums/b577/crossbolt242/bandicam%202017-05-20%2010-15-30-695_zpspkggoaus.jpg http://i1292.photobucket.com/albums/b577/crossbolt242/bandicam%202017-05-20%2010-15-45-886_zpsatxhhkq9.jpg
  8. go back in EOF and save Guitar as rhythm or lead and do it for the other ones to if you have two leads or two rhythm go to tracks then rocksmith then arrangement type set each one to lead or rhythm then save when you pack in toolkit if you have two leads put the one you want as lead first then add other lead check bonus and it should work then
  9. well thanks but I ditch it and re did it already and it is working so if it happens again then I will repair but at the time I was just wanting to check work did not have much time in it so started over and got it Thanks for all the help Cross
  10. I try to fix it did not work so I just redid all of it new mp3 and all and got it working don't know what fixed it but it works now so I will finish and posted custom when done thanks for help from all Cross
  11. ok I updated Eof re saved moved file to folder then try re packing and still got same error here is picture hope this helps http://i1292.photobucket.com/albums/b577/crossbolt242/bandicam%202016-08-17%2017-08-05-557_zpsexujdsgl.jpg
  12. I did update toolkit today before I try packing or do I need to update EOF? and I try to repack all in toolkit by closing and reopening got same problem so what do you think I need to re do whole tab in Eof? I don't know what you mean
  13. yes I love this version and take as long as you need was just starting and wanted to try it at this point before I when on with it so it is in start of working on it
  14. did not know which files you need so here is Eof fold for song https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6ImULsrdB6DVjVBRHF4ZUVqdFU&usp=sharing and Thanks for your help Alex360
  15. the guitars are 7 string and drop the 7th string in EoF but when I pack it I get that error I did this ones a long time ago and it worked so I don't know what I did wrong this time try just loading one guitar only and same error happens so what do you need to see or me to tell you ?
  16. I am get this error and I don't know what it means http://i1292.photobucket.com/albums/b577/crossbolt242/bandicam%202016-08-17%2011-54-26-526_zpsm6v3neqy.jpg can someone please tell me what is wrong Thanks
  17. long time no see Hello everyone been helping some one learn how to write customs and did a couple heavy songs so now back to some classic rock i have two songs for testing syncing and tones Janis Joplin - Piece Of My Heart L&R looking for bass on this one Janis Joplin Move Over L&B don't know about the bass on this one but it was there see lot of new faces Hello an welcome and to older one Hello good to see you are back manchot66
  18. sorry just ran update in toolkit and it fixed it I just install news toolkit but I ran update in it and fixed it
  19. PC Plum I see Configuration" tab but I don't see anything about Wwise in there?
  20. can the new toolkit convert audio without running Wwise? try setting it up but when I go to audio in toolkit it does not see my file to convert it I installed new Wwise v2013.2.7 build 4856 what am I do wrong?
  21. Chlipouni that is what i was looking for Thanks
  22. Berneer i think the authored did not do section and when i use DDC the whole song levels as one did not know if DDC would make the section so you can stop at any point and play that section i don't to make one part only just wanted to make so you can stop and play any part only i want whole song to have it but section so you can stop it and play only that part of song
  23. Chlipouni With RS2014 and its Riff Repeater, the player can select only one part of the song to practice. But maybe I have not understood what is your problem ... yes i use DDC and get file with DD but when i play it all the section are played as one can not got to just one part only and play it make me do all part as one how do i set it so it add level and section so i can play only that part?
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