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  1. Used to have loads on my PC, can I I get them to work on a ps4 please? There are about 200 tunes I miss, thankyou in advance, and if it's not on ps4, are there future plans...it's the oasis tracks I want mainly
  2. thank you so much, my songs freeze without this, so much appreciated,
  3. could some please help me find the link for the game patcher? the one that allows me to play the songs on here. cant seem to find it, its the exe you click before you run the original rocksmith shortcut. thanks in advance :)
  4. oh ok ty ill buy it then, thanks for response :)
  5. how did u achieve a fix? was it the dx file? just helps anyone else having same difficulty
  6. download the exe. you click that to patch the game before selecting the propped exe. works for me thru steam, hope this helps you
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