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  1. Hi guys, I look everywhere for some help and didn't get any conclusive answers to this so I thought I just asked here. I have a line6 POD 2.0 and I wanted to use it as a "pedal" between my guitar and Rocksmith. The objective would be to use POD's effects instead of the ones in Rocksmith. I tried to connect my guitar through the input and connect the Ubisoft cable to the Output and if I put the guitar volume to 0 in the game and set the tone to the default one, I can hear the POD's effect, but it's so low, it's impossible to play like that. Another thing, is that even at 0 volume, the Ro
  2. Can someone create When the stillness come by Slayer? There are many tabs around but I don't have too much time or knowledge on how to create the CDLCs and tones. Thanks to anyone that does this great song.
  3. I remember back in the original Rocksmith, since there weren't many tunings, there were this pedals that allowed to play songs that were down tunings like Eb, Eb Drop Db, Drop C and stuff like that, while playing E standard or Drop D since they were direct down tuning from all strings. Since my guitar has a floating bridge with floyd rose, messing around with tunings is a pain so I was wondering if there is this "modulation" pedal in Rocksmith 2014. This would have to be played with headset since the sound didn't match the one coming out of the guitar but it really helped me to play stuff like
  4. Hey guys I have this weird sound problem that makes the song on the background lower than usual, but when I pause and resume the sound goes up and sometimes I can't even hear de guitar tone. I've messed around with the sound definitions but it didn't change anything. Anyone had this problem and knows how to fix it?
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