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  1. Thanks to all for the site glad to see I made the list
  2. ya just try it and that was what I did only link one so it stopped at 15th now did both and it worked thanks
  3. I did that on the first only and it stopped at 15 but I will try it on both thanks
  4. trying to make a slide on the top 3 strings 12 12 12 to 15 15 15 and back to 5 5 5 as one slide or strike on the 12 slide to 15 and back down to the 5 as one hit is that possibly?
  5. ya I fixed it in eof but that was not what fixed the black levels at top soI removed some of my sect. and phrase and the fix itso I works now thanks for your help and the link in last post is the song working rightthanks for the help PC Plum
  6. ok started all over and ran into the same problem so there is two track lead and rhythm when back to first song and changed the first section of lead guitar rs2 and rhythm guitar 22 rs2 to intro and that fixed the error message in EoF but song still show levels and black in game so I did what Berneer had said to me was to remove some of the section and phrase I had and it fix the black levels at top in game so Thanks To all for the help Here is a ;ink to the song http://customsforge.com/topic/9333-what-you-give/
  7. I think it was something I did the first time I saved redid song and now it is working so I don't know what caused it but I will just redo it Thank for your help PC Plum
  8. yes I have try that and the line before that one and so try it as intro and try intro in front ofperverse and same problemthat is why I don't what to try now try naming it different names did not work
  9. http://i1292.photobucket.com/albums/b577/crossbolt242/eof2014-07-1915-28-14-38_zps69c62056.jpg here is a screen shot of the beginning of song I try what you said PC Plum same thing happen still not right I can get you a link to the song file or eof note.file if you need to see them
  10. when I save it say warning there is no intro rs section, but the beat marker before the first note already has a section you should move that section because only one section per beat is exported try change it but same thing not getting whats wrong used ddc and packed it in game level are there but there is black boxes at top for levels can't tell what level you are at works fine but black boxes at top in game
  11. ya it worked sorry was just coming back to say I got it Thanks
  12. I messed something up in eof when I save I am not get showlights.xml file what do I need to change? I have save as rocksmith 2 file checked
  13. ok found this backing track for Skillet Monster it has no lead guitar and its live Rhythm is low but drums are loud so I still have some work to do to it but I want to make sure backing tracks are ok or not? if it ok I will post when I finish it thanks for watching and tell me if you would like backing tracks or not got some more if so Thanks
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