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  1. Big thanks for that fixed and improved version of TON - Black No. 1 🖤

    https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/9781 - will probably have TON as a seconday option for Unity so this track was super important for that to happen.

    1. BallroomBlitz


      You're welcome, actually I forgot I even did that one LOL. 

  2. That's an official one, you'll have to purchase it. I suggest you wait for a sale, as the songs go for -40% discounts. It's a matter of time that I'll participate in Unity Shred Fest covering TON, so I would like to request Everything Dies. Edit: Seems the song was charted and available at some point, though it has a issue with a gap, but maybe someone has the chart and s/he's willing to share it with me, that would be awesome.
  3. Thanks for all the custom songs! Will poke at quite a few of them given time :-)

  4. Good to know, on linux as well, but considering how hard I've got RS to work, been hesitant of messing with that stuff, was expecting to not be smooth sailing.
  5. Awesome! Thought that might be the case, will try soon. Thanks! :-)
  6. I've got RockSmith 2014 Remastered working on Linux for a few weeks now (after quite a bit of struggle) using Proton (so it's the Windows version basically). Any chance for a Linux tutorial? Does it even work on it? xD
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