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  1. Thank You, @ RSBass I transferred your chart to the Megalomania Bass build. Now there are 3 completed Bass paths in it. Your chart by RSBass is in C# standard, And my Two, One in C# standard (Alternate Bass) and the other (Bonus Bass) in E standard. I hope @ Cole245 appreciates the hard work the members of The Classic Rock Coalition (RSBass & avdocatwork) and others, that have contributed to make this custom happen. We don't want your $15.00, but I hope you will donate the $15.00 or more to CustomsForge. You will find the completed Custom at the link below. CustomsForge Ignition4 Search
  2. Hi @ RSBass Thank You!, Thank You!, Thank You!, You are the best! I listened to both of your posted cover videos of Black Sabbath - Megalomania. That band Into The Void was the best cover of Megalomania I have ever heard. And the Bass cover by EddiHernandez was truly amassing, And he was rockin and into the tune for sure, totally. Still, I am hoping I can chart a decent Bass Path for this awesome song, along with the guitar tracks. This 10 minute song is the biggest challenge I have ever taken on. And you and the guys from the Classic Rock Coalition with me, I feel is the only way I would be able to accomplish something like this. I am still waiting for @ Cole245 to give me some feedback from what I have charted so far. I hope my chart is not a mess and not worth even playing. I will play the Bass chart tomorrow and see if I am even close or have to start all over. I am determined to chart this song. If I have guy's like you behind me I feel I have a chance of a decent chart. Thank you again RSBass, Unworthy to have the best friends here at customsforge, avdocatwork
  3. Wow, been a while since I last heard from you buddy. I am still here at the same place. And just recently started charting tunes steady again. Released 3 Eagles tunes lately, worked hard on them and got 3-4 thanks from the regular thanks guys. And no real feedback if they liked or hated it. I feel I am wasting my time here at customsforge. Later, and happy to hear from you Tank-OR
  4. Bass players help needed. Come on Bass players join the conversation here, and help me chart a nice Bass path for Black Sabbath's - Megalomania any help will be appreciated by many here at CustomsForge and RockSmith by many rockin' Bass players. Later, avdocatwork
  5. Hi @ mczero Yeah, there are a lot of GP files and Tabs that musicians have attempted to chart the Bass path of Megalomania, only Geezer Butler knows for sure. And I am wondering if I even will be able to chart a decent Bass Path to Megalomania myself. But here I am, attempting it. The only thing I have on my side is feedback from CustomsForge and RockSmith Bass players, but there are few providing feed back here nowadays. Thanks Buddy, avdocatwork
  6. Oh, yeah I saw that one. It is pretty far off of being right. Not even close on the Bass line. I am checking out the Guitar tracks though. Later, and thanks @ mczero , - avdocatwork
  7. Hi @ Cole245 also @ GetTheLedOut and @ Grillsen Well I spent a lot of time charting Black Sabbath - Megalomania Bass (2013 Remaster). The Bass Path is the one you (Cole245) suggester the chart by Hettmar on YouTube in C# tuning. The Alternate Bass Path is what I have been charting in E standard with Tab and by ear. There are sections in both charts, I have not figured out yet, it is still a work in progress, but a lot of it is finished I think. I haven't even test played them yet. Plan on playing them within the next couple days. I even charted the Lyrics Path my favorite phrase in the Lyrics, I'm really digging schizophrenia the best of the earth. I chased my soul in the fires of hell. I think I am having a flash back to the 70's and Trippin' after repeatedly listening to this song over and over, charting this thing. Link is below: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlpeI5Zh_71zgYw5mOhaAhrDp9mz_Q?e=TumRFq Later, avdocatwork Hi Classic Rock Coalition Guys, Just wanted to let you know I am alive and well here in Dallas, Texas. Hope every one else is OK. @ mczero , @ SlickWilly , @ A51Ripcord , @ KJParsley , @ JamesPrestonUK , @ fripponomic , @ RSBass , @ jbroch , @ avdocatwork , @ manchot66 @ torkk , @ RufusDelta , @ Crossbolt242 , @ Aludog , @ albatross213 , @ RobotMom , @ Liquidlizard , @ Tank-OR , @ PC Plum , @ Snake3169
  8. Hi Hi @ Cole245 Here is the updated Bass Line for Black Sabbath - Megalomania Bass (2013 Remaster) you will be able to slow it down in Riff Repeater to see if the notes are right. Give it a try and let me know if any notes need to be changed. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlpeI5Zh_71zgYw52tAlOezs8Gd_7Q?e=y0IgqI Later, avdocatwork
  9. Hi @Cole245 I am happy you like what I have charted on the Bass line so far and I seem to have a decent tab to chart the Bass path with. I know what you mean, I usually play and try to chart in E Standard also. The C# chart is in the same CDLC as the E standered one, it is the Alternate Bass Path. I had to click the link a few times to get to the Custom DLC, for some reason. The first time they wanted me to sign in, then I clicked it again and the CDLC showed up the second time. I don't know whats up with that. Later avdocatwork,
  10. Hi Cole245 I started charting a separate Bass line, 1 Bass line is in E standard tuning and the alternate Bass is in C# tuning. The download link to the custom is listed below. Give it a try. I kind of like the C# tuning the best. It is nowhere near being finished yet, but let me know if I am on the right track so far? https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlpeI5Zh_71zgYw52tAlOezs8Gd_7Q?e=rjq2nd Later, avdocatwork
  11. Hi Cole245, I have seen so many really bad Bass charts and Guitar Pro files with really bad Bass Tab. I found a few fairly nice one below. What do you think about it? It doesn't say if it's in E standard or C# tuning. I will check it out in both turnings. https://www.ultimate-tabs.com/black-sabbath/megalomania-bass I plan on making a Custom DLC of just the Bass path and send it to you, to see if I am on the right track with this Bass line. Later, avdocatwork
  12. Hi GetTheLedOut, It looks like there is a fairly new feature here at CustomsForge. You can follow your favorite Custom Charters. And I couldn't think of one better, then to follow you, buddy. It says when you follow someone - You will receive a notification when GetTheLedOut posts new content. I followed you by going to your home page and clicked the follow button. Interested in seeing what happens. Keep Rockin' - avdocatwork
  13. Hi Cole245, I have gathered all the resources for this great tune. Started charting Black Sabbath - Megalomania (2013 Remaster). I plan on 4 6-String paths - 1 Lead and 1 Rhythm paths and 2 Guitar paths for overdubs and fills. And of course the Bass path and Vocal path. I have some great Guitar Tones from all the earlier Black Sabbath tunes I have charted to put into this CDLC. This tune is nearly 10 minuets long and I have already synced the first two minuets so far and it's looking pretty good. I guess you will be the 2nd to test play the Bass path after me, and I will appreciate any help on getting the Bass path charted right. I will send you a link to the finished PSARC. Are you on PC, Mac, Xbox or PS3? Later, And keep Rockin', avdocatwork
  14. OK, looks like a challenge anyone want to get in on this Chart of an awesome rock masterpiece!
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