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  1. Hi, Classic Rock Coalition Guys - Got a new Eagles tune in the works. Eagles - Tequila Sunrise 4 guitar tracks. And the Bass and Vocal tracks are charted by SlickWilly. If you would like to try it out, before I post it to CustomsForge you can Download it at: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlpeI5Zh_71zgYtNUqxMQXzh_H1VlQ?e=dWLav0 After all the changes here at CustomsForge, I wonder if all the Classic Rock Coalition Members are still receiving messages from this CRC Now placed in the Workshop area by CustomsForge. So many changes here, I can't hardly keep up. So Guys and Gals of The Classic R
  2. Hi Guys, I posted another custom, had fun making it. The guitar tones are pretty wild. Lead and Alt Lead are what I call Psychedelic Guitar 1 & Psychedelic Guitar 2. Rhythm and Alt Rhythm are Acoustic tones, they sound pretty good on my Acoustic/Electric. Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man (2012 Remaster)
  3. Hi Guys, Been a long time, hope everybody is well. Doing OK here in Texas. I posted a new custom today, first one in a long time. ZZ Top - Just Got Paid from the ZZ Top Six Pack album. Took me a while to figure out all the new changes here at customsforge. Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year also. avdocatwork
  4. Hello,


    I'm a new member on this forum and I was searching for a particular CDLC song and it's "Planet Of Women" by ZZ Top.


    I think I found it on this page:



    But it seems like the page is down or deleted.


    Would you be so kind and send me the download link for it if you still have it? I use Rocksmith 2014 Remastered on Steam.




    P.S. I'm posting this here 'cause for some reason you're unable to "receive messages".

  5. Hi Doc. I managed to run through the bass part yesterday. As usual, your chart sounds very good. The tone sounds good and the tab seems to be on as well, though I must confess my ability is not yet good enough to provide a solid analysis. I enjoyed it. That chart of Pearl Jam - Daughter at the link above is not my chart it belongs to YLedbetter, sorry for the confusion.
  6. Hi Guys, I am thinking about Charting some new tunes here at CF. I took a year or so off. Look at this tune I really want to make. There is a 1.0 version on CF with reported problems. I want to make a standered version and a karaoke version so I can sing along with it. Let me know if the Remastered version and karaoke version sound OK to you Guy's? - Come on Guy's Let's Get The Classic Rock Coalition Going Again - I want to hear from everybody again! I think we lost Steve - Manchot66 and LaceyB here at The Classic Rock Coalition, and I don't know how many more with the awful covid-19
  7. Please remember these ads do support CF. You can use ADP just to block the bottom ad and keep the remaining ones to still support us. Much appreciated. I really don't mind the ad's at all, it's just the bottom ad that gets in the way when trying to get to the record page in ignition search. It's pretty hard to hit the (go to record page) button with the ad right on top of it. even with ADP there is still the X close block there but ad banner is gone. I always go to the Charters record page to see what the Charter has to say about there CDLC and read the feedback they get if any. I don't thi
  8. Hi Guys, I have started using Ad Blocker Plus to get rid of the ads at customsforge that are getting in the way. Link for Google Chrome version: https://adblockplus.org/ It works for me. I have started on some new customs after nearly a year. More Cars, Sex Pistols, Motörhead, Black Sabbath and Willie Nelson so I can work on perfecting a decent Acoustic Guitar Tone, Hopefully! Later, Terry
  9. Hey Guy's does this Classic Rock Coalition site still exist? Sorry I have been gone for so long! After getting a full time job and working too much overtime also, and a monster computer crash that I finally fixed, and am now able to play rocksmith again, and test run my customs, I have finally posted some CDLC's to CustomsForge again. A Tribute to the late, Ric Ocasek, front-man of new wave pioneers, The Cars. I had started on them early this year and kind of fell off the grid until now. Will try to keep in contact and chart and play guitar more, the things I like the most! The Cars - thre
  10. Hi Guys, I am on the hunt for tickets for the ZZ Top 50th anniversary tour here in Dallas, TX 5/17/2019. With Cheap Trick & Bad Company. Found some at Live Nation Lawn 4-Pack $27.50 + Fees. 4 Live Nation Lawn 4-Pack $110.00 ($27.50 x 4)Fees $11.75 (Service Fee) x 4 $47.00Tax $3.88Total$160.88 = $40.22 each Otherwise - 2 Standard Ticket $69.00 ($34.50 x 2)Fees $13.60 (Service Fee) x 2 $27.20Order Processing Fee $5.00Tax $2.26Total$103.46 = $51.73 each I think I will go for the 4 tickets and sell two of them to friends. Saves about $11.00 a ticket if I buy 4 and sell two to friends,
  11. Hi Guys, I had a crash on my main PC that I play-through my customs on, but my main PC that I build customs on is working fine. I am still working on The Cars 6-pack, about finished with The Cars - Its All I Can Do (Remastered) the 5th of the 6-pack, I have got my main PC that I play-through my customs on back up but have to load all my programs again. I have been very busy with my new full time job and family commitments, amazingly, I am now an Audio/Video Support Specialist in the IT Department at the University Of Dallas, The full time job is cush and just what I have wanted to do for yea
  12. Hi Guys, I am working on a - The Cars 6-pack if you are interested in trying them out? It is from the Me and the group - The Classic Rock Coalition. You are the first to get a link to the p.psarc file's. If anyone else here wants to try them out - Give feedback - PLEASE !! These CDLC'S have not been posted to CF yet! So PM ME: avdocatwork at CustomsForge with any suggestions on improvements or Tone changes. Later, avdocatwork The Cars - Magic (Remastered) The Cars - Dangerous Type (Remastered) The Cars - Tonight She Comes (Remastered) The Cars - Its All I Can Do (Remastered) - in the wor
  13. Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you guys know that yesterday, I was a stagehand at the band Chicago's concert here in Dallas, TX. I worked setting up and breaking down the audio for the show. I was backstage for the performance also. Earlier this year I was a stagehand for the Tony Orlando show here in Dallas also. You may know about Tony Orlando and Dawn from the 70's, but Dawn wasn't with him at that show. I took some pics and video of the show. I don't know if there are any original members left. But here is the present lineup. Chicago Concert 12/28/2018 Robert Lamm – keyboards, vocals
  14. @@mczero Thanks mczero, I also have many Customs I have started working on and have been putting them on the back burner. Wished I had the time to get them all done. I have been working a lot here in Texas, hope to have a little time off now, during the Holidays to get some Customs done. Still working on The Who - Christmas - Tommy - (1969) & Steve Vai - Christmas Time Is Here - Merry Axemas: A Guitar Christmas (1997) for Rocksmith championship this year, And I am hoping they will be good enough to be picked by the championship guys this year. Good to hear from you here buddy. Later
  15. Hi Guys, I ran across a YouTube video about a bunch of 60's bands, that brought back memories from way back for me. I was very young in the 60's but still can remember some of these songs playing on the radio for sure. Just wanted to pass it along to all you guys at The Classic Rock Coalition, It's called gone groups of the 60's. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2X12pkElVI Take it easy and check out these Groovy Tunes, Later, Terry
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