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  1. Hi - sorry if this has been covered. Comments are not showing up, for me at least. I got notification of a comment on this track and a couple of others, but I can't see them. EDIT - this could just be for old customs, I've just had one for a custom I posted today and that's working fine.
  2. I was expecting someone to comment on that, and I wasn't wrong when I knew it would be you. Perhaps I should have expanded upon it. What I meant was that if a tune is in A443, use Audacity to repitch it to A440 so that players don't have to retune unnecessarily. Could you explain what is wrong with that please? I'm pleased that my tip on normalising mp3s wasn't used as that would have rattled your cage again. I don't know what I've done to piss you off, but whatever it was, please accept my apology.
  3. Happy Birthday JamesPrestonUK!

  4. Happy Birthday JamesPrestonUK!

  5. Happy Birthday JamesPrestonUK!

  6. Happy Birthday JamesPrestonUK!

  7. Happy Birthday, and thanks for all the uploads.

    1. JamesPrestonUK


      Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy playing them as much as I do making them :-)

  8. Happy Birthday JamesPrestonUK!

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