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  1. Oh, thanks, now it works, it was UTF-8 cause I changed artist with notepad. Anyway, thanks :)
  2. I know that this is old topic, but when I try to import lyrics to vocal part it just says "invalid lyrics file". What should I do? http://i.imgur.com/mqjd9u8.png
  3. I can't find a Creeping Death, can someone give me a link? I will appriciate that.
  4. Noone said it's need to be a defined kind of music so mine is Crying over pros for no reason by Edit :)
  5. I loved games but now I have no motivation to play them, dunno why :( Still i'm playing Mass Effect trilogy from the beggining, I want to complete every quest etc. When i played it at first time, my decisions were horrible and i end up with only few characters for ME3 ;d Oh, and i didn't mention about league of legends ofcourse x)
  6. Łagodny styl ale dobrze wiedzieć, że ktoś wspiera Polskie produkcje na tych peryferiach internetu x)
  7. I played rythm sections for my fav songs at start, for about a year! Then I turned my way into lead, now I can't play song if I must play rythm section, it's horrible for me :D I have ESP LTD M-50 for playing songs o E Standard and Les Paul Epiphone III for D Standard songs. First guitar is green-like so I'm uising it for thrash metal and Darkthrone songs. Second one is pure black, evil as f*ck, I like to use it while playing black metal :D
  8. Desolate Funeral Chant has been reuploaded. Try it now, it should work (works for me fine). Just my routine as satanist, nothing personal :P
  9. Still waiting for some thrash packeges :(
  10. I've donated only 1$ yesterday, but I'll send more in future ;)
  11. I can only say that I don't care about colors, what's most important for me it's wide of this site. It's just too wide, I don't like when forum is like that. Only my opinion ofcourse ;)
  12. Good news, now noone will complain that "it's too much work for us - admins" ;)
  13. Can't we find some add-on or mod for forum that can update list of the songs by itself? Moderators/admins wont waste their time x)
  14. Some people compained about this bug on SA, I'll reupload it tomorrow. So far u can try to play it as score attack, some people told me it works this way.
  15. Is there still possibility to donate site? I have few dolars on my paypal account and I can spare them here x)
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