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  1. thanks. may i ask you if you restarted the server or the services? or what happened that this site runs now smooth again? did you ever use any APM software like retrace (what i would recommend, because you can just turn it on and wait until that wierd problem occurs again) ?
  2. can you give some information about the tech stack which is in use? as mentioned in the other topic (which unfortunately has been closed) i am also admin of some sites with a couple of thousands users, even if people like @fenrirwulfcan not imagine that. maybe i can give some useful tips in regards to performance or in how to find the bottleneck. thanks for your effort! regarding your tasks: 1) i really dont think that there is a hardware upgrade required because it runs now, so if you did not change the hardware, it must be a software problem. 2) if its already running with
  3. just did a short analysis and noticed that a 1.1kB file took over 2.5s (https://customsforge.com/index.php?/manifest.webmanifest/) and sending the post request to create this entry now took about 20 seconds
  4. this site is really slow... but even worse is the search (ignition4search). i mean... i host also some servers. but even my cheapest vps can handle this better. so i am wondering what is causing it because for me its close to unusable. i was already considering to write my own client with a caching function so i can fetch all the songs and then select what i want to download. whats the problem i am wondering? dont get me wrong, i really appreciate all that but... something strange goes on.
  5. wow, crazy dude, so many songs and they are so f*cking awesome! i searched for "kiwanuka" because i thought maybe someone already registered the track "cold little heart", thats how i found your thread. again, many many thanks for your great work!! and have a good start in this year!
  6. olze

    CDLC Requests

    happy new year i would love to have michael kiwanuka - cold little heart
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