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  1. That you really like Asterix and Obelisk? Edited: I think it means you submitted a score for a level you are not currently competing in. I see you on Rhythm in Beginner with an asterisk and in Intermediate without. I think that means you had been playing at Beginner level, then moved up to Intermediate. Still, I really like Asterix and Obelisk - so that's the better answer.
  2. Thanks for you work in keeping score. I will go up to Intermediate for Rhythm this week. I was offered the opportunity to go up to Intermediate on Bass last week. I will take that and compete at Intermediate level on Bass as well this week and going forward. I'm weakest at lead, and will probably be on Beginner for a while for Lead. Do you need to move my name to Intermediate column on Rhythm and Bass, or is that automagic based on scores?
  3. Hmmm. When trying to run it under PlayOnLinux it throws out this error: Error in POL_Wine Starting 64-bit process DLCBuilder.exe is not supported in 32-bit virtual drives Think I need to do some research and see how to build a 64 bit drive under PlayOnLinux. Not sure if I would need to move CFSM, EOL and RocksmithToTabs to the 64 bit virtuasl drive. But at least I have a direction. Edited: I installed a 64 bit virtual drive using PlayOnLinux. I popped DLCBuilder on it. It gave me dot net errors. I believe it was dot net 5.0 - so I downloaded 5.0.6 desktop launcher from Microsoft and installed it. DLCBuilder will try to launch now, but immediately throws out error codes and crashes. I'm not sure what I might need to do to get DLCBuilder running under wine using PlayOnLinux.
  4. The Black Crowes - Jealous - Bass I think I can do a little better. Hitting the Cold Brew iced coffee and giving it another whirl or two. Edited: ran through it 14 times on Score Attack, so nine more tries since posting last night, with a few whirls on Learn A Song. And no, looks like 99.34 is where I'm at this week.
  5. I am running Ubuntu 20.04. Rocksmith works fine under Proton. I used PlayOnLinux to get Customs Forge Song Manager up and running. It works as far as repairing CDLC is concerned and plays the songs - but I can't kick Rocksmith off from within CSFM. I got RocksmithToTabs running on the same virtual drive, by opening up PlayOnLinux, and popping my RocksmithToTabs directory on the same virtual drive as CFSM. I got Editor On Fire to open up. I can't seem to get DLC Builder to run under PlayOnLinux. So - anyone making CDLC under Ubuntu or another Linux platform? Anyone have a "how-to"? I'm kind of wanting to try my hand on The Cramps. Not sure if I could - but wanted to try and get the tools working together on Ubuntu under Wine or PlayOnLinux or Proton (if I can figure that part out).
  6. Foals - Spanish Sahara - Bass Got it! Need to spend some time on Lead for Spanish Sahara and Bass for Jealous. I've got a ways to go on both.
  7. Foals - Spanish Sahara - Alternate Bass I want that 100 percent! I'll keep at it a little more.
  8. Foals - Spanish Sahara - Rhythm Might grab some iced coffee and take another run at it on the bass.
  9. Foals - Spanish Sahara - Lead - a hard won point or two!
  10. Foals - Spanish Sahara - Rhythm Getting there on rhythm! My lead is pretty rough, so will spend some time on that.
  11. I thought I had already posted Foals, Spanish Sahara - rhythm. Oh well. Here we go.
  12. Foals - Spanish Sahara - lead. I know where I need to work. Not quite sure if it's the action on my guitar (getting dead notes) or my fat fingers (getting dead notes). I'll work on my form first.
  13. So, for nerdy fun I installed Customs Forge Song Manager on Ubuntu Linux using PlayOnLinux and created a symlink to my Rocksmith directory. That has been fun. For a stretch today I installed RocksmithToTabsv1.1. I used PlayOnLinux to install Custom Song Manager from Customs Forge. I Located directory CFSM was installed in. Created Rocksmith to Tab V1.1 directory Copied RocksmithToTab directory over from my downloads - and extracted the files here. Opened up PLayOnLinux Selected CFSM, then selected "Open the Directory" Went to RocksmithToTab directory and ran the RocksmithToTab GUI. For Rocksmith directory - I previously made a symlink to get CFSM working - it's at: Z:\home\bruce\Rocksmith Saved tabs to: c:\users\bruce\My Documents\RocksmithTabs used .gp5 format Installed tuxguitar Located Rocksmith tabs export directory: \home\bruce\.PlayOnLinux\wineprefix\CFSM\drive_c\users\bruce\My Documents\RocksmithTabs Fired up TuxGuitar and looked at the Xuto lead tabs. That is nuts! It was hard enough to get a 74 using Rocksmith. I have no idea how far I'd get just reading the tabs. But if you are a Linux user: Customs Forge Song Manager does most of it's functions (I just couldn't get it to kick off Rocksmith from within CFSM). Rocksmith To Tabs works. It was tough figuring out how to get it to work. If I fry my PC, I'm not sure at all if I could get it working again. But it sure was interesting looking at the tabs for Homem do Leme!
  14. Xutos & Pontapes - Homem do Leme - Lead Can't make it through on Score Attack yet. Posting Learn A Song. I like this song. Just need to spend a lot more time on it.
  15. Made it through! By the skin of my teeth. Need more practice! Had a storm. Lost power. Messed up my boot sector. Reinstalled Ubuntu 20.04. Thank goodness for backups.
  16. Can attest to Homem do Leme Lead being hard for someone with less experience. Those chord changes look so easy, but hard to get right at 100% speed.
  17. Nirvana: Sounds Like Teen Spirit - Bass This was a LOT of fun! I really enjoyed it.
  18. Xutos & Pontapes: Homem do Leme - bass (I'm not competing in Beginner bass - just played it to get a feel for the song before trying lead )
  19. @Rodman- thanks for the answer. Looks like I better improve my scores! Or have fun and chill. Yeah, right. I better improve my scores!
  20. When you look at the Leaderboard spreadsheet on the 2020 worksheet, what does "Out" mean on the rank change column?
  21. Theory of a Dead Man - Make Up Your Mind - Lead
  22. Theory of a Dead Man - Make Up Your Mind - rhythm
  23. Theory of a Dead Man - Make Up Your Mind - rhythm Think I'll work on this some more before trying lead.
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