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  1. just tried the p.m. option, it doesnt work. guitar pro single note P.M. -> EoF entire chord PM. guitar pro single dead note -> EoF nothing. guitar pro single ghost note -> EoF ghost note. this is the only one that comes across correctly. if i must, i'll just set things up as ghost notes and then convert them all 1 at a time in EoF.
  2. shit, really? i swear i've seen it before. anyone have any more insight on this? are there specific conditions that cause problems?
  3. whats the best way to write a chord in guitar pro that includes a single muted string, so it'll come into EoF properly? guitar pro doesnt have a specific way to notate a single muted string. you can mark an entire chord for palm mute. i tried a 'dead note', but those dont seem to come into EoF at all. a 'ghost note' does, but then i have to go in and switch them to muted strings for each and every chord. its not the end of the world, but if theres a smoother way, it would help a lot with some songs i'm working on right now.
  4. i'm getting started on 'only the good die young', so we have 2 albums complete soon... i might also do 'heaven can wait' when i'm done with this one. i've got momentum going, might as well put the effort toward maiden superiority. =] ---------- EDIT! its finished! seventh son is a completed album.
  5. the creator tab. thats the weird thing about it. i assumed that creation process shouldnt write xml at all, but apparently it did. the DDC was never at fault, it was getting bad xml from the creator.
  6. a note here thats probably relevant: when this bug happened to me, initially i had nothing else open, just the RST. there was nothing else touching the files. while attempting to debug, i opened the xml files in notepad++ and looked through them while working with them. when the RST compiled the package - i.e. when i hit the 'generate' button - notepad++ would alert me that the files had changed. i have no idea why the RST would be writing to the original xml at that point, but that seemed to be what was happening.
  7. i found that bug in the latest beta RST ( i went back to the last stable release ( and it was fine. deleting all the xml after the </song> tag should also work, but i'm not 100% sure at what point in the workflow its necessary.
  8. I HAVE A BUG! =] been chasing this down for a few days, and with some help from the DDC guy and some others, i finally figured out its happening when the package is generated by the RST. heres the files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2TjljRp4LJucVJYdmQxWWx3M0k/view?usp=sharing using the latest beta ( - this doesnt happen with, when i hit 'generate', the original xml files are being re-written with some extra garbage at the end. i assume thats whats going into the package too. should the original xml files even be touched? i assumed they were just dropped into the package. anyway... at this point this is just a bug report, since i've figured out enough to fix the issue with zero problems... but i figured i should at least report the bug. thanx a ton for everything you guys do.
  9. i was about to, and then i ran through some more tests.... its the toolkit thats doing it. the latest beta RST. the last stable release doesnt do it. .... so i guess i'll post in there instead. =] thanx everyone for all your help. this community is fantastic.
  10. i'm using r1359. that zip file i posted includes my notes.eof file that produces the bad xml every time. i havent figured out wtf reproduces it... but i did stab at it for quite a while. i re-created the song from scratch.... i guess i'll post the .gp5 i've been importing, thats the next question mark... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2TjljRp4LJuOEFCdDBIVlFYWW8/view?usp=sharing there it is, if you'd like to check it out. i'm pretty lost on the whole thing. i cant think of any other info to give you guys. if i ever do run into a clue, i'll be sure to let you know. the only weird thing i discovered was some blank text annotations in the guitar pro tabs, but i cleared those out with the event management stuff in EOF. for now, i have a work-around... but it does spit out bad xml every time i export, so whatever this bug is, its still there.
  11. wow, i never would have found that. thanx lots! it works now! these came straight out of EOF. should i post in that thread? the tabs came from songsterr, i tweaked them a lot in guitar pro, then imported gp5 into EOF. somewhere along that line, something got messed up i guess.
  12. a fine point. i should have looked in there before starting a new thread. ... really, i should sleep on this stuff before doing anything, but i got excited about finishing a song quickly. =]
  13. hi, i posted in a new thread like a doofus, and was directed here. i did a song thing. it is crashing DDC. i havent had enough sleep. sorry for being stupid. zip with eof file, xml files, and guitar.ogg is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2TjljRp4LJucVJYdmQxWWx3M0k/view?usp=sharing if anyone could take a look and help me out, that would be awesome. thanx!
  14. i banged out an iron maiden song in record time ( for me =] ), and everything seems ok, but its crashing when i run it thru DDC. heres the link for the notes.eof: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2TjljRp4LJuUXh3VmdVQjg5cU0/view?usp=sharing if anyone can take a look and maybe help me figure out whats broken, that would be awesome. i think i'm mostly just a little too tired to figure it out. if you need any other files, just yell and i'll upload those too. i think the EOF file should be it, but i'm still a bit of a noob here, so..... help?!? thanx!
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