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  1. Hi Daniel!

    You should have been more precise in your question!
    Are you talking about a few ms or are you talking about half a second of lag?

    For the PC performance: You really don´t need a top notch pc for RS14 to run flawlessly - i suggest you get  a FPS Counter running for a test to approve you get 60fps while in song - then the performance of your CPU/Ram/Gfx is most likely not the issue.

    If it´s a few ms that you are unhappy with you can play around in Rocksmith.ini

    - most importantly torning Audio Exclusivity on


    - force UltraLow Latency


    - set a low Latency Buffer

    LatencyBuffer=2 (beware lower means you need better hardware)

    and play around with MaxOutputBufferSize


    And/Or you get a ABY splitter like


    and have thereby Tone output via your amp with guaranteed zero lag


    If on the other hand you are talking of 500ms lag it´s a soundcard driver / settings issue and you should address google search with your specific Soundchip there.




  2. 10 hours ago, diceslinger said:

    @Rodman Again, I apologize for taking so long on this song.  It has been a stressful couple of months and my time has not been my own.

    For my version of 99 Red Balloons I stuck to the Goldfinger version in Rocksmith.  The tempo changes were troublesome, so I eventually just played it to the song.  I did the lead and rhythm guitar parts, panning two different rhythm takes to left and right.  My daughter sang most of it in English of course. 

    For the one German verse in the Goldfinger version I had a special guest star.  My wife's niece has been living with us because her college was all virtual last year.  She was supposed to study abroad in Germany, but obviously Covid cancelled that, so she chose to study in a different state instead and came to stay with us.  She kindly lent her voice and German to our efforts.

    For the bass part, I finally talked my son into playing on one of my recordings!  He wasn't comfortable playing it full speed, so I had him play it in riff repeater at 80%, then sped it up in Reaper.  The parts aren't all as tight as I would like, but having my son join in was worth it!

    The picture is from my son's 2nd birthday party.  We blow up a whole lot of balloons, and got them charged with static electricity and stuck them to the ceiling.  We probably had 99 balloons!

    It´s so great to have you back there!
    What a family project (!). Your daughter is getting confident on that vocal parts. So cool you got your son on bass - a bit wild but that meets the spirit of the song and even more the GF version.

    my time has not been my own - hah - never read anything deeper, so true, i myself have also a million and 3 things i stumble through right now... i am tempted to say summer just is the bad time of the year, which is most untrue, i love summer, so much timeconsuming fun stuff like laketime, bbq and Euro2020. My vacation is coming up with 2 weeks in Italy and also lots to prepare for that, ah just stop thinking! I was about to say let´s pause over summer and start again in september, but that´s exactly what we are not going to do. I remember sitting there in my vacation with the acoustic doing that Sweet Child o Mine version, having a blast. Working on that songs does add so much to our playing. I say when time is a beast let´s go for simple versions down if needed to 1 acoustic guitar track with no vocals. And let´s stick to not too complex songs. But let´s keep up like one in a good week. Whatcha say?


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