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  1. On 7/30/2021 at 12:21 AM, Mikson said:

    It's kinda sad that except me, only Diceslinger played this on Lead... Well, as part of a competition with myself, I tried a Score Attack.


    And good attempt in Score Attack on Bass.


    Ah so close platinum...


    I surely will, m8 - back at my guitars now 🙂

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  2. On 7/29/2021 at 5:26 PM, diceslinger said:

    That looks like some fine vacation playing!  Love the ambiance and the phone that clearly needed to show us the trees.  I notice you are playing the Dm chord at the 5th fret, I can't decide if that is easier than in the first position.  You certainly make it look easy.  You capture the laid-back rhythm of the song, love it!

    Well.. as i cut it down to the bone and get the best sound on the intro/chorus section playin that as powerchords, basically even 2 string X5 chords - it´s so much more no-brainy to just go down and up. What a cool song to play.

  3. @ diceslinger hah... here is a lil breeze of layla for ya.

    Excuse the performance a bit for my acoustic really needs a setup... the humiditychange or smthg created an action that is about 8mm on 12th... almost unplayable, but still with the help of the chirping crickets, a descending cellphone and the italian air force you might get the hang of it 😉


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  4. Finally made it.

    using raindaypowers


    for some work....

    Links for the Floyd in opening post are perfect again.
    Setting up the leaderboard for the week now... i hope my batteries don´t die...
    Done, batteries alive.

    10-week Leaderboard is being updated now.

    Speaking of leaderboard... @all - the Championship needs you! Leaderboard updating has been suboptimal for the last few weeks, and not having the live scores in the leaderboard is a major drawback for good competition!
    So - everyone who already has the power to enter scores to the board please take your 5 mins a day to update and EVERYONE WHO IS WILLING TO HELP UPDATING THE SCORES OR EVEN SETTING UP WHOLE PLAYING WEEKS PM ME OR POST HERE, i´ll set you up in no time!

    Let´s fight to keep the CS at that great level.

    One last thing... There is a lot going on with that plus thingie and as always in life bad things could happen. I wanna make sure to keep our contest running so look at the leaderboard and drop me an email and also i would like to make sure we have as many of those (~500k (!)) CDLCs as possible. If anyone has already begun to get them all or is willing to help - drop a pm.




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  5. 19 hours ago, blucrsr said:

    I feel like I've been in the beginner class for quite some time, yet each time I try an intermediate song I'm reminded why I'm still in the beginner class.  Not sure what the trick is to getting to the next level other than continuing on!

    Continuing on it is...

    And if you wanna feel your progress just pick a song from many weeks ago that was way hard for you and see if it still is!

    The way is the goal.


  6. On 7/25/2021 at 12:13 PM, Mikson said:

    @ Rodman

    Please update the winners list. Snake and Balage won in their classes. I entered their results into the table.

    And you broke link to Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Please correct this as participants may be playing the wrong CDLC version.

    Thx, sure.

    I'm a bit away from the net here on vacation but that i will do from cellphone soon.


    Welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship!

    -= Week 405 =-

    FAQ: => How and Why join the Championships?

    => Rocksmith 2014 Championships rules

    Last week's winners


    •     Beginner: @ Daz40
    •     Intermediate: @Balage1976
    •     Intermediate bonus: @ Anitomer
    •     Advanced: @ Mikson
    •     Masterclass: @Snakewizard



    Congrats to all winners. Well done!

    Rocksmith Championship Leaderboard

    This week's songs are:

    Lead Path:

    Beginner:  Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - AKA...What A Life! (2) chosen by @ Mikson

    Intermediate:  The Fratellis - For The Girl (4) chosen by @ Toni-Wan Kenobi

    Advanced:  Gary Moore - Always Gonna Love You (7) chosen by @ Milo

    Masterclass:  Iron Maiden - Dream Of Mirrors (9) chosen by @ Nacholede

    God of Guitar:  Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I - IX) (7.5) week 2 of 2 charted by @ Mikson

    Rhythm Path:

    Beginner:  Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - AKA...What A Life! (4) Rhythm Track 2 !

    Intermediate:  Gary Moore - Always Gonna Love You (4)

    Advanced:  The Fratellis - For The Girl (6)

    Masterclass:  Iron Maiden - Dream Of Mirrors (8)

    Bass Path:

    Beginner:  Gary Moore - Always Gonna Love You (3.5)

    Intermediate: The Fratellis - For The Girl (6)

    Advanced:  The Fratellis - For The Girl (6)

    Masterclass:  Iron Maiden - Dream Of Mirrors (8)

    God of Bass:  Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I - IX) week 2 of 2 charted by @ Mikson

    Share with us your opinion on this weeks songs difficulty scores (1-10).


    Classless, Fearless FreeBird Members in their endless battle with the fb police:

    Let us know your opinions on the accuracy of the difficulty scores (1-10) for this weeks songs.


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